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UPDATE: Looks like Ed Jones is plagiarizing again

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Update: While we still have not received a response from Laugesen, The Gazette has removed the column in question. However, you can temporarily access a cached version of it here.

——— Original post: Monday, May 26, 1:39 p.m. ———

Almost two years ago, we brought you the sordid tale of former legislator Ed Jones, whose time as an opinion columnist for The Gazette has included more than a few instances of friendly neighborhood plagiarism. 

At the time, Jones explained his various lapses with proper credit as an issue of urgency. "In my haste, I wrote the article with intention to track down the author’s name and insert attribution," he said in a statement. "It did not get done before the article went to publication, which I regret."

Well, maybe he's still rushing, but as pointed out to us once again by our original tipster, Jones' latest joint, titled "Best curriculum for our kids is one we develop ourselves," is chock-full of ripped-off sentences and paragraphs. Most of the plagiarized material originated with the Home School Legal Defense Association, but there's some stuff from elsewhere.

• The first instances comes in the fourth paragraph, which is lifted almost completely from this HSLDA page, which was last updated Aug. 22, 2013. (Jones added the word "Barack.")


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• A second instance comes from the first paragraph in a story posted to


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• The third example is pretty funny considering how a Gazette commenter wonders at Jones' use of the word "pedagogical." Wonder no more, intrepid doubter, for it comes from HSLDA's paper "Common Core Issues."

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His next sentences then copy most of HSLDA's take.

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• Later, Jones actually credits a publication more thoroughly than HSLDA, but of course does it in their exact language.

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• Jones continues ripping-off entire paragraphs, essentially, like this one from here:

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That seems to be it. We've contacted both Jones and editorial-page editor Wayne Laugesen for any comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

In the meantime, I think I've deduced a good measurement to help decide if Jones actually wrote the work or not: If the sentence ends in an exclamation point, he wrote it. Imagine!

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