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Re: “Fujiyama

Alas, in the case of Fujiyama, two strikes and they're out. My first experience there was very lackluster. Friday Night ultra-busy, but still with a cool vibe. Unfortunately the service was horrendous and the sushi only marginally better. 30 minutes to order, 1 hour to be served, and no checking in to see if we'd like more drinks. So chalking it up to it being busy, I tried again last night for a birthday celebration and experienced the same inattentive service and mediocre sushi.

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Posted by Sad Patron on 07/31/2009 at 4:59 PM

Re: “Leon Gessi New York Pizza

I never got to try the pizza because when I ordered they made my pie incorrectly, and then when I came back for the one that I assumed would be the correct order it was still wrong. When I called the store to let them know there had been a mistake and that I would like a new pizza both the employee and the manager of the establishment informed me that I must have ordered incorrectly-though neither time had the toppings I had ordered- because that's what they had written down. Apparently this pizzeria makes it a policy to chastise their customers for the incompetence of their employees. I will not be ordering here again because 19 dollars for 2 incorrect orders and canned product is not acceptable.

Posted by cconsidine1 on 06/16/2009 at 6:55 PM

Re: “Miyake Sushi and Mongolian BBQ

I have been here a few times and would have to say the food is okay. I would have to say Jun's is a lot better though. The service at this place is not as good as many other restaurants. The young gentlemen who served me seemed like he was out of it or high and smelt of cigarrettes. If I were you I would just either get the food to go or go somewhere else due to poor service.

Posted by foodfoodfood on 05/05/2009 at 3:23 PM

Re: “Colorado Coffee Merchants

These folks really think their coffee is really something special. While in reality they produce below average air roasted beans at outrageous prices. They use an air roaster which they will tout as a superior method but for some reason most of the award winning micro roasters across the country shy away from this method which is basically a giant popcorn popper that quickly roasts the coffee as opposed to a slower more crafted process (I recommend doing your own research air vs drum roasting). Air roasting is in fact a less accurate (lazy man's method) to roasting. This largely due to the fact there is no way to sample the roast as it progresses and it basically takes most the human crafting element out of the process. The problem is at this altitude roasting conditions are quite variable depending on barometric pressure and humidity and to not being able to sample the beans as they roast (which air roasting does not allow, you just set the temp and forget it) creates an inconsistent product (although I'm sure they would say its more consistent b/c they roast it for the same time every time). In addition, these guys think $1 an ounce for coffee is a good price which is in all honesty highway robbery. The owner and his wife are very proud of their establishment but in fact know very little about coffee and have really not been in the industry that long. When asked simple questions about freshness and how to store coffee they provided incorrect answers. They promote storing coffee in a freezer which they sell in other shops. Freezing beans is one of the worst ways to store coffee which is now widely understood by most serious coffee drinkers ( freezing expands the few water molecules in the beans and generally affects the overall flavor). In addition, they claim to be Fair Trade certified but the website does not list them as members. Colorado Springs for whatever reason has a lot of local coffee roasters and these folks really do fall on the bottom of the totem pole. Just don't settle on these guys beans you can find a superior product for 30% less without looking very hard at all. Try looking at any of the roasters that have been here for 10 years + there's a reason they've lasted that long and it certainly has nothing to do with there not being a Colorado Coffee Merchants around before.

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Posted by coffeemaster1024 on 04/28/2009 at 9:11 AM

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