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Re: “Over Easy - Tejon St.

But the place is disorganized...

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Posted by TejonTech on 02/13/2013 at 6:58 AM

Re: “Over Easy - Tejon St.

Eggs Benedict Tuscan style. Delicious!

Posted by FarWestsider on 02/12/2013 at 9:39 PM

Re: “Three Delights Caribbean Grill

good flavor, prices ok, but room was too cold, if want to make feel like in bahamas, warm it up

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Posted by apathetic on 02/12/2013 at 3:39 PM

Re: “Grand Gyros

Sounds good after reading the Indy link and your review. Are you sure you are not a family member? Just kidding.

Posted by cosgringo on 02/12/2013 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Grand Gyros

Happened to have eaten their yesterday...really fresh and good value besides being really good

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Posted by TejonTech on 02/12/2013 at 10:38 AM

Re: “East Coast Deli

These guys really would rather you go for breakfast to the place next door on Tejon street so they can sit our front and smoke.

The food is awful and certain things go off the menu, like hash browns, at lunch because it is too much trouble to cook on the grill with lots of pending orders.

Posted by TejonTech on 02/09/2013 at 4:41 PM

Re: “Crystal Park Cantina

Simply marvelous. Atmosphere, food, drinks, feels right at home.

Posted by Michael Dylan Greenker on 02/09/2013 at 4:23 PM

Re: “East Coast Deli

Bought $40 in gift cards for them 2 years back when they had the powers location (which closed shortly after due to tax fraud). I went to the downtown location to use my gift cards and they tell me they are not the same restaurant. The back of the card clearly states the downtown address for use. Then they tell me it's because they devalued the cards due to not using them. I feel completely ripped off. Don't buy gift cards!!!

Posted by Jennifer Duval on 02/09/2013 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

This is one place you need to try if you have not yet! The food is by far the best, and the owner is a great gentleman! Stop by now because you are missing out!

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Posted by Jacqueline Olonia Wall on 02/06/2013 at 3:00 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

I don't trust any of this...I for one, will not be eating at this place. If they were truly this good they would not have to pull this flash mob posting campaign

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Posted by TejonTech on 01/21/2013 at 1:01 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

When honest questions ensued wondering about the veracity of the majority (if not all) of the comments re Sancho's, there appeared no less than four responses from those same posters declaring hate as the reason for the posts. Come on people, what are you, in the third grade?
One cannot help but wonder if this is the best way to advertise a new restaurant.

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Posted by siggie on 01/20/2013 at 3:54 PM

Re: “Amanda's Fonda

Very bad in every way

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Posted by TejonTech on 01/19/2013 at 8:09 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

I happened to stop about Four months ago,and I've been back three times a week since . Don't knock what you haven't tried. Sanchos has the best food in town!!! I'am not family, but I'am now a friend, Duane

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Posted by Duane on 01/18/2013 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

Sanchos is the best thing to happen in this area. We love their food, especially the avacado pork burritos!!!!! I stop after work and order for dinner. Their tacos are to die for. Steve and his staff are super. It would be great if he could have an inside sit-down area for cold weather. We keep spreading the word.

Duane and Pat Helm

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Posted by Duane on 01/17/2013 at 7:00 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

interesting turn of events...I always read Indy reviews before heading out...but this hi-jacking of a trustworthy system really undermines this tool for checking out local places to eat.

I was going to try this place tonight, but not now...I don't like being tricked and fooled with like this.

I bet it is just more melted American cheese whiz over grocery store flat bread.

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Posted by TejonTech on 01/17/2013 at 4:47 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

The food might be fine but unless you get some reviews from people that aren't family and friends no one is going to take this seriously.

I would rethink this practice. I have run restaurants and marketing is key. This isn't marketing it's spamming and it will turn people off.

The fact all the family and friends only give 5 stars and there are no outside reviews will make me NOT eat here.

Indy, please go there and do a review.

Now place all those posts on Yelp next. Wait to see the blow back you will get.

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Posted by cosgringo on 01/17/2013 at 11:25 AM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

Sancho's has the best food around! All the comments may sound like their from family and friends because no matter who you are once you try the food, the owner and staff make you feel like family. The food and the great service is what keeps you coming back. So those of you who hate it would seem that your comments had exactly the opposite effect that you were trying to accomplish-Nice try but the people have spoken Sancho's is one of the BEST places to eat.

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Posted by Angie Archuleta on 01/16/2013 at 11:25 PM

Re: “Amanda's Fonda

The last two times I've been there, the food has been mediocre at best....and seems like fewer and fewer people patronizing the once famous Amanda's.

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Posted by David Alvarez on 01/16/2013 at 11:21 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

Sanchos is an exceptional establishment. I have known Stevie B since high school but that has no bearing on the tatse or quality of the food is which is top notch. Keep up the good work, haters are your motivators

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Posted by Christine Savoy-Johnson on 01/16/2013 at 6:17 PM

Re: “Sancho's Mexican Grub

This is coming from a family member and goes out to those that have had negative comments to make. You are putting the cart before the horse. Have you tried the food yet? You need to get your facts straight before posting. Not all that have made comments are family and friends. Some are just customers that have come by and truly enjoyed the food and service. You are implying that they are not telling the truth. How rude! Sanchos has only been open about 3 months so that is why you are starting to see comments come in. Many people know Steve for the work he does in this community. We encourage our customers to tell others if they like the food and they do so don't be so negative. By the way, NO it has NOT had a negative effect on their business. Sanchos is here to stay with good food and friendly service!!!!!

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Posted by Margaret Bustamante on 01/16/2013 at 5:10 PM

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