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Re: “Patients demand a voice in city policymaking; judge strikes down doc referral rule

Well said, T.Rump - I just experienced something of the sort in the industrial hemp arena - the FDA, DEA (still pissed at Jared Polis' hemp flag flying over the US Capitol building) and the USDA have declared that cannabidiol from industrial hemp cannot be used in edibles because it's an adulterant. It's the same cannabidiol that is extracted from the Charlotte's Web low THC marijuana, but CW Pharmaceuticals (CW = Charlotte's Web) is still using it in their products.

The CDPHE has always been 'business friendly', and this is no exception. Granted the MMJ and Rec business has been a boon for Colorado revenue coffers, but producing cannabidiol from hemp is far less expensive (licensing and cultivation issues both) than producing CBD from high THC marijuana. Characteristically, high THC marijuana is also low in CBD. CBD from hemp would virtually cancel the economic value of that compound in the MMJ/rec industry.

This growing season saw the entry into the industrial hemp CBD market of some substantial investments, only to have them put on hold by the back room machinations of the CDPHE, DEA, FDA and USDA. "Not enough research on industrial hemp" they say. Bull plop.

Colorado Springs is just being true to its lily white anglo-saxon protestant roots in attempting ban anything that has the appearance of being either fun on good for you.

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Posted by Vietnamized on 10/21/2016 at 2:38 PM

Re: “Patients demand a voice in city policymaking; judge strikes down doc referral rule

The task force on Medical Marijuana was rigged from the beginning. It was designed to eliminate the MMJ industry in Colorado Springs. 75% of the panel is anti MMJ. Rigged panel and a complete failure! Did not even address the reason it was formed.
In April hopefully we can vote out from council these complete failures: Bagley, Pico, King and Knight.

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Posted by Donald T Rump on 10/21/2016 at 9:31 AM

Re: “Council to take on hardship exemptions, MMJ possible for PTSD

As a combat veteran who has studied the research done by Israel over the past 4 decades and self-medicated (illegally until I came back to CO) I understand a bit about how the CB1 receptors function and how cannabinoids act as a buffer to lessen the effect on the synapses. That said, I would hate to imagine my life without the ability to soften some of the ongoing symptoms of PTSD that was exacerbated by mTBIs suffered from muzzle blasts of countless rounds of outgoing artillery. The prognosis without CBDs and MMJ would be bleak indeed, with my condition degrading to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a condition that won't even be diagnosable until my autopsy is performed - not looking forward to that, personally.

The archaic, misdirected machinations of the DEA, FDA and USDA have engineered an about face on CBD derived from the hemp plant - that innocuous member of the cannabis family that, by international definition, contains less than .3% THC. This is a direct play by the FDA and Big Pharma and not without a little help from the MMJ industry heavyweights to keep affordable CBD out of edibles because they have declared it an "adulterant". This, too, is why elections matter!

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Posted by Vietnamized on 10/05/2016 at 12:00 PM

Re: “Council to take on hardship exemptions, MMJ possible for PTSD

THis is why all elections matter

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Posted by marge on 10/04/2016 at 4:45 PM

Re: “Cannabis clubs mobilize, take on anti-marijuana legislation

Old Guy.
The issue is these clubs are illegally "selling" recreational cannbis. The city of Colorado Springs prohibits the sell of recreational cannabis. They are having people "donate" $25 to them and in return getting weed. Or having people "buy points" 1 point = $1 and they can then use their points to buy cannabis. Hence why they are an issue... People "donating" for cannbis don't need a medical card like the city requires to buy within the city limits.

Posted by Alexandria Anderson on 09/24/2016 at 5:26 PM

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