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Re: “From here to Hillary, our suggestions for contested races

WTF? Are you kidding? You didn't endorse Julia Endicott! She is the future of the Democratic Party in COS and is everything that we need more of in our city. I am extremely disappointed with a paper i have read every week since the first publication so many years ago.

When you didn't endorse Jerriah Walker during the last city election i almost gave up on the Indy. But i let it go and continued to support the Indy. Now this is worse. Julia Endicot is a super candidate and is just beginning her influence on the city.

I am embarrassed by the Indy. It use to be my favorite paper. After today i have a hard time paying any attention to them.

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Posted by Rolf Jacobson on 10/19/2016 at 9:56 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Peterson AFB announces week-old pollution discharge

"This did not impact the drinking water, the finished water system, in any way. It went directly into the wastewater system." What BS. Where it won't even be tested for and certainly not treated for because they have no treatment, as they admit: "I don’t know of any wastewater plants in the country equipped to remove PFCs,” utilities spokesman Steve Berry said. “We would not have been able to remove that chemical before it was discharged back into the environment from our effluent.” In other words, it's already flushed into Fountain Creek.

The same thing that makes this stuff the go-to surfactant in industry is what makes it so caustic: the Fluorine-Carbon bond is the second strongest single bond in organic chemistry.
The more Fluorines you add, the stronger the bond and there are 2 Fluorines attached to each of the 8 Carbons in PFOAs, for example. That's why they call is "C8" for short. There are no enzymes in the human body that can take it apart and it will take forever, sitting in water and soil, to disassociate.

150,000 gallons would have to flow all the way to Oklahoma before it was diluted enough to reach the absurd 70ppt EPA regs, which is their new regulation.
70ppt is still absurd but reveals something about their regs before January, of 400ppt. They admitted they were THAT wrong then.
They will be admitting they are wrong again.

It replaces Calcium and Magnesium in the body and does damage they haven't even researched yet, but they know enough to know it can not be allowed.
It increases density but decreases strength in the bones and makes them brittle: "Skeletal Fluorosis" and the secondary effect: Osteoporosis.
Then it causes the calcification of scar tissues, ligaments, arteries and the epidemic beta Amyloid plaques in the brain: Alheimer's and related senility and dementia.

What it does to the Calcium Channels in the body is the stuff of horror movies. Cardiac rhythms, sodium retention, chronic kidney disease, adrenal dysfunction, so regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters, dysfunctions in the brain and peripheral nerves, mitochondrial toxicity, so the energy for every cell in the body, liver, pancreatic, testicular, and mammary gland tumors, etc. and it is estimated to take 8 years to wash out HALF of it in the body.

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Posted by Bill Burns on 10/19/2016 at 9:51 AM

Re: “From here to Hillary, our suggestions for contested races

Amazing how the Indy never even bothered to talk to half of the candidates, ignored the Libertarian in all of the federal races, and in general undermine any credibility they might have by being nothing close to impartial or balanced.

We call that *BULLMANURE*!

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Posted by Tannim on 10/19/2016 at 9:48 AM

Re: “2016 Indy endorsements cheat sheet

WTF? Are you kidding? You didn't endorse Julia Endicott! She is the future of the Democratic Party in COS and is everything that we need more of in our city. I am extremely disappointed with a paper i have read every week since the first publication so many years ago.

When you didn't endorse Jerriah Walker during the last city election i almost gave up on the Indy. But i let it go and continued to support the Indy. Now this is worse. Julia Endicot is a super candidate and is just beginning her influence on the city.

I am embarrassed by the Indy. It use to be my favorite paper. After today i have a hard time paying any attention to them.

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Posted by Rolf Jacobson on 10/19/2016 at 9:13 AM

Re: “Few local GOP faithful are willing to say whether they support Trump

anyone still sporting a trump bumper sticker can no longer pretend to be religious, moral, an upstanding citizen, non-racist, non-bigoted, non-misogynist, or pretend to be anti rape culture. party over country... even if that party's candidate will lead this country into un-necessary wars, un-necessary confrontations with our allies, and the spread of hate, racism, and general un-civil and disrespectfulness that seem to follow this lying more than truthful, shady business dealing, woman assaulting, acting like a spoiled adolescent, only caring about himself asshole.

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Posted by happyfew on 10/19/2016 at 8:55 AM

Re: “From here to Hillary, our suggestions for contested races

This Terri Carver?

"–Support oil and gas drilling in Colorado, which is a critical part of the state’s economy. I supported oil and gas drilling here in Colorado Springs.
–Support coal and natural gas as fuels for Colorado Springs Utilities’ power plants.
–Oppose current ballot initiatives to allow local governments to ban oil and drilling. These bans are a violation of private property rights for the mineral rights owners.

Pro Life
–I believe in the sanctity of human life, which includes the unborn. Roe v. Wade was a case of judicial activism, and an encroachment on state legislative powers under the U.S. Constitution."

I can see how fire mitigation is more important that these issues...

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Posted by C Wilk on 10/19/2016 at 8:44 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Peterson AFB announces week-old pollution discharge

aren't there EPA laws that regulate the discharge to sewers? why isn't the utilities pointing out these violations? have EPA regulations become non-enforceable in teabagggertown??

come on utilities... fine these polluters like you would any business that did the same thing. or are military installations able to pollute at will with no repercussions... so sorry for you residents of Security Colorado.

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Posted by happyfew on 10/19/2016 at 8:42 AM

Re: “Anti-marijuana Suthers, Trump supporters, KRCC changes, and more

Doesn't a constitutional amendment have to be ultimately voted by the people to pass? I agree with mr. miller on amendment 71. with more barriers to getting an amendment on the ballot then only the rich interests (like oil and gas promoting this amendment) can get an amendment on the ballot.

the voters should be the main barrier to an amendment not money. do we have so little faith in the voters of this state... ok forget that (amendment 2) but money should not be the main barrier to let the people have a say in this state.

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Posted by happyfew on 10/19/2016 at 8:30 AM

Re: “2016 Indy endorsements cheat sheet

Terry Carver, are you serious? I'd like to know more about why you chose to endorse her over Endicott

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Posted by C Wilk on 10/19/2016 at 8:22 AM

Re: “Richard Shindell on singing about Ayn Rand and viewing America from abroad

In other words, this take-down is nothing of the kind since the songwriter attacks a straw man and lies about it.

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Posted by Bruce Crichton on 10/19/2016 at 8:07 AM

Re: “Richard Shindell on singing about Ayn Rand and viewing America from abroad

I would point out that Rand's opinion about tobacco when she wrote "Atlas Shrugged" in the 1940s and 1950s was just that: an opinion. It was not a philosophical principle and is not part of her philosophy, Objectivism. She weighed the possibility of harm against the pleasure that smoking gave her and chose to smoke. Tragically, that did not end well for her although it does provide opportunities for puerile humor at her expense.

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Posted by John Wayland Bales on 10/19/2016 at 7:43 AM

Re: “Casting Spells

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Posted by Lucus Ruth on 10/19/2016 at 1:30 AM

Re: “Check out this 'purple' Dem: Mark Anthony Barrionuevo

That was a great article. Mark is one of the most upstanding men I know and I'm not writing this because he's my nephew. I have been at almost every milestone of Mark's, from graduating BYU, Georgetown & Boston Law School, to the batispm of his children. Mark is an unusual candidate in that "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET" Mark will not tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what he believes in his heart! Mark will never compromise his beliefs and moral for a "vote" but will always stand up "with a strong ethical voice" Hopefully the voters of Colorado Springs will vote for "CHANGE" and vote for a Strong Ethical Man! A very proud aunt in Las Vegas... Helena Garcia

Posted by Helena La Protectora Garcia on 10/18/2016 at 10:49 PM

Re: “A lot of El Paso County teens commit suicide; schools and government have taken notice

What this article fails to address is developing solutions for teen suicide. The article only addresses treatment AFTER the problem has developed to a point where it is a major issue. Ultimately, the primary cause for teen suicide is peer pressure and bullying in the schools. Depression and a sense of helplessness ensues thereafter. Our educational institute staff need to be trained better on how to prevent these issues from occurring on school property and parents need to hold their children accountable if they are the victimizers. The vast majority of teen suidides can be prevented if we become more actively involved in all aspects of our childeren's development. Whether you are a parent, friend, or educational staff member, we are all on the same team and need to be alert and quickly identify these issues early on and to do so every single day and stop it before it becomes a problem.

Posted by DK 1 on 10/18/2016 at 10:03 PM
Posted by I call bullshit on 10/18/2016 at 2:31 PM

Re: “Tyler Durden returns

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Posted by Tracy Malay on 10/18/2016 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Busy ballot, tough choices for Colorado voters

OK - my turn.
Robert Wyman: The Indy is expressing it's opinion, ala 1st Amendment, and asking everyone to become informed. I personally like to see where different newspapers are leaning - it helps me to decide whether or not to support their efforts at providing some semblance of journalism or not. And, no, I'm not stupid, as Tannim has claimed.

plaidsocks: do you really want everyone to have a dial-up internet connection just like you do?

Again, Robert Wyman: As long as you're fine with the panoply of health issues that arise from smoking, and as long as you're ok with kids spending allowance money on cigarettes, illegally or not then you pay the additional cost! I quit smoking when cigarettes went from $.75 a pack to $1.00 a pack at Thunder and Buttons. It was either the sixth or seventh time I had quit, and I never looked back. Three months later I participated in a Bud Light mini-triathlon and am still tobacco free. Nicotine is the most addictive substance on the planet, and one of the most deadly.

I'm not generally in favor of sin taxes, but this one may go some distance toward getting people to quit.

Dan 1: That's not the only thing Tannim is wrong about. It's easier to pick out the few things he may actually be right about. Tannim is like the VA - his default answer is NO. NO does nothing to change things...which tells me that he's just fine with potholes that could swallow a SmartCar, that ruin wheels, tires and shocks, about water systems that have been polluted for years, about police and fire departments who can't afford to upgrade their equipment, schools that are behind the power curve when it comes to keeping up with new student populations, technology, equipment and facilities, and so on.

Tannim is a reactionary in the most extreme sense - even though he calls himself a Libertarian. When I lived in Alaska I was privileged to visit much of the bush - there are all kinds of folks up there who are completely self-sufficient - maybe he would be more comfortable as a lonely curmudgeon in the Far North.

Margaux: Spot on! The oil and gas cartel is not at all interested in any kind of local control over their activities and will continue to be that way until they have squeezed the last ounce of fossil fuel out of the ground. They are scared to death of possibly having to clean up their mess - it would make their product more expensive, cut their profit margins, and make renewable energy the only reasonable choice...not that it isn't the only reasonable choice already.

Cameron: I believe the common mistrust comes from the nature and control of the advisory board, and I agree. The other thing that sets off alarms for me is the nature of the contributions that are in the 'against' column - heavy spending by the Koch Brothers and the current band of pirates in the insurance industry. I'm voting for it as a counter to big bucks opponents.

Robert Wyman: If you are a climate change denier I suggest you take a trip to one of our local (former) glaciers - St Mary's glacier is gone - as in not there anymore. The Greenland ice cap is nearly gone, thanks to the darkening of the substance that deposits on it from the upper atmosphere - cryoconite. The analysis of that substance indicates it has darkened substantially since 1950, and that darkening is caused by diesel soot and coal soot, both manmade. As the cryoconite darkens it affects the albedo (reflectiveness) of the ice, causing it to melt more quickly. There are ships using the Northwest Passage (Polar Ice Cap) now, and countries are still planning to exploit the petroleum resources there. And one more thing - every war since the beginning of the last century has been over oil. Is that the legacy you want for your grandchildren? BTW, the cryoconite study came from National Geographic.

happyfew: Bingo!

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Posted by Vietnamized on 10/18/2016 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Councilor Tom Strand allowed a city-funded agency to pay for an out-of-state trip

"...who owns a small business dependent on the tourism industry." Which is precisely why you want tax money to promote your business. I get that. Who wouldn't want government help to promote their business? Since Colorado Springs has a law on the books to help your industry, it should be all the more reason for you to want to get the most out of every dollar spent. Is sending Tom Strand to another state to learn about shared bikes and shared cars going to help your business or further "enhance the economy of the City," as the LART was enacted to do? Set aside your personal disdain for a moment to analyze what you're saying.

The City Ordinance (2.9.101) which instituted LART ahead of TABOR's passage, states, "The purpose of this tax shall be to attract visitors and to enhance the economy of the City and the Pikes Peak Region." This purpose has been hijacked to be used almost exclusively for tourism promotion. I absolutely did and still do unabashedly advocate for the contracting of marketing work on a competitive basis to determine that the maximum reach would be achieved for every dollar spent on marketing our City and region. Instead, we had the CEO of the CVB admit publicly that he had spent nearly 100% of his six-figure salary time promoting the special interest-backed "City for Champions" agenda to our own citizens instead of promoting our City to the rest of the world. That agenda will seek hundreds millions MORE of taxpayer dollars for tourist-related attractions in lieu of focusing those dollars on things like, roads, parks, police, fire and stormwater that will enhance the long-term economy of the City.

I will call you to task on your accusation that I "continually misquoted and changed figures and stats to accommodate your message." Anything EVER quoted and cited was directly from contracts budgets or financial reports--all public documents. I challenge you to find one item that was not 100% factual. In the unlikely event you do, I will correct the record immediately.

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Posted by Joel C. Miller on 10/18/2016 at 11:40 AM

Re: “Councilor Tom Strand allowed a city-funded agency to pay for an out-of-state trip

I see someone has pirated my T.Rump meme! Cool...except using the same name-calling, middle school format as The Donald doesn't make you look any smarter.

I see the same situations occuring over and over again - situations that could be rectified with perhaps different people calling the shots in elected positions. What seems to be the problem with making changes in government here? I fear it is the bogeyman called apathy - Dick Lamm warned us of this monster, and it appears that only the most rabid on both sides feel the urge to go out and exercise their franchise of self governance.

Become informed, take a position and VOTE!

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Posted by Vietnamized on 10/18/2016 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Councilor Tom Strand allowed a city-funded agency to pay for an out-of-state trip

No role at the CVB, just a local person (native) who owns a small business dependent on the tourism industry and as that citizen, I watched you try to dismantle the CVB three years ago. You constantly misspoke about the role the CVB plays in our community, you suggested hiring a third party to manage the marketing for our destination (that's exactly what the CVB is) and you continually misquoted and changed figures and stats to accommodate your message. I spoke to City Council, along with several other community members, the morning of the vote in December 2013 and conveyed how important it is for a small business, actually all businesses that support and benefit from tourism, to rely on the CVB for referrals, assist with local and national marketing and bringing awareness to the Pikes Peak region.

The best news was when the following year you announced you were resigning from City Council to run for Mayor. Oh, happy day!

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Posted by Jackie Reynolds on 10/18/2016 at 10:06 AM

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