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Re: “Reader: Correct this blatant violation of the separation of church and state

Mr. Sulzman clearly and purposely misquotes the Constitution which makes NO reference to a separation of church and state. That is a later interpretation of law. As written in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,". Almost all military bases have on-site churches/chapels built to support their military community. The AFA having one is no different, but as a high visibility national facility, all the structures of the campus were built beyond normal costs and aesthetic/artistic planning considerations.

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Posted by School Teacher 2014 on 04/06/2017 at 11:08 AM

Re: “The camping trip from hell

A little rain and a dead phone and it becomes The Camping Trip from Hell? Time to man up.

Posted by Roger Williamson on 04/06/2017 at 10:38 AM

Re: “Reader: Correct this blatant violation of the separation of church and state

The religious bias is actual a bit more so when you realize that the big showy part of the chapel is the Protestant part. Underneath all that glitz is the much smaller and more austere Catholic chapel. And then you have to go down a hallway to find the Jewish Temple (a nice medium size room) and the Islamic Mescit (prayer room). Several years ago I assisted a friend of mine who had the maintence contract for the large pipe oragn in the main hall, which contains 4500 pipes and the Catholic chapel's organ which has 2600 pipes. No ostentatious pipe prgans in the Jewish or Muslim rooms.
The chapel was designed and built to be a showpiece for the Academy. Most of the $68 million is to redo the roof which although impressive, it has a couple of design faults one major one being that it's made of aluminum which tends to expand and contract alot and considering the temperature variations of the region, it has been problematic since day one. The large pipe organ has the same fate because we would tune and adjust it in the cool mornings then the tuning would change once the metal structure warmed up. Talk about your basic high maintence wife!

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Posted by Harry Miller on 04/06/2017 at 10:37 AM

Re: “FoodMaven could do more harm than good in the fight against food waste

Callicrate: "outspoken community voice ". Why "outspoken"? Sounds derogatory. And yet Callicrate's appraisal of Food Maven - a for-profit distributor of otherwise wasted produce - shows how this predatory non-profit is undermining local farmers. Yes, the consumer wants low-cost food, but at the same time, the informed consumer wants high-quality food. The govt subsidizes low-cost food, but the local farmer, unsubsidized, cannot produce high-quality food at the low cost consumers demand and are accustomed to receiving. The enemy of the local small farmer has historically been the govt, which supports Big Ag and its environmentally destructive farm practices. And now the small local farmer has a new enemy to compete with - the "socially responsible" "do gooders" like Food Maven.

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Posted by curious on 04/06/2017 at 9:18 AM

Re: “Reader: Defund public media, it'll be fine

Don McCullen and others do not seem to understand the VERY important role PBS plays in our WARN (Warning, Alert, and Response Network) . Ever notice that even without cable or an antenna, your television ALWAYS gets PBS? There is a reason for that. PBS provides an alternate path for WEA alerts to wireless carriers. The alerts are transmitted through the PBS satellite network on the AMC-21 satellite to PBS stations who broadcast the messages over their transmitters for reception by wireless carriers at their cell sites. For the Republicans out there, that means, that in the event of a NATIONAL emergency,PBS is responsible for sending that alert to our phones. Get off your ridiculous high horse, do a little research, and understand this.. 'Progressives' get it far better than you do, silly little man. Now run home, the grownups are trying to clean your mess.

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Posted by emilydianebailey on 04/05/2017 at 8:05 PM

Re: “John B. Smith, Civil Rights legend, will galvanize local activists

Wow! Thanks for writing this column! I believe Black Power has been misconstrued for the past half of a century, if not longer. People fear that which they do not understand. Nowadays with our community's color palette broadening there may be a dissipation of fear and a rising of Power for all People. We can all hope this new, 21st Century civil rights movement so powerful and all-encompassing it cannot be shut down nor labeled as anti-American because American is representative of so many colors.

I am happy to see Colorado's a springs honoring the work of civil rights leaders such as Smith and encouraging a deeper understanding of diversity in the Springs!

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Posted by Karina B Swenson on 04/05/2017 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Reader: Defund public media, it'll be fine

People like Don McCullen think they have it all figured out, but they don't recognize how woefully uneducated they are. McCullen just wants to believe that what he hears from Faux News and Rush is the gospel truth. When other media sources publish viewpoints that he doesn't agree with, he attacks progressives!
Public radio and TV, some of the finest news programs in our nation, are considered to be an enemy of the people because their crime is to educate the public, not to spout the right wing line.
Anyone who watches commercial media knows how much time is devoted to advertising. I appreciate that PBS and NPR don't bombard us with commercial manipulation, and the programming is just the best. Taxpayer dollars spent on public broadcasting are well spent, too bad Doug is too ignorant to acknowledge that. Lets get out of the "Right-wingo universe" that Trump and his dull supporters are spinning these days.

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Posted by prairie chix on 04/05/2017 at 9:56 AM

Re: “Helen Hunt School will become a nonprofit campus

Thanks for sharing this information. I think that Helen Hunts school can be an example to everyone because its really important to support the non-profit community. Needless to say that we live in tough financial times and economic situation is quite complicated so its really important to support those who need it. At the same time we can see all the changes happening to the education system in the US and Im sure that its highly important to help to protect public education and non-profit communities. Diana from

Posted by Diana Sparks on 04/04/2017 at 12:17 PM

Re: “Reader: Dear Gazette Editorial Board, care to report on this?

Sadly, this ultra Republican, evangelical City will NEVER change. They OWN this City, it's Newspaper, and it's elections. I also don't believe that Dems here fight hard enough, or are loud enough. But when you're far outnumbered, and Republicans control EVERYTHING, it's hard to fight back. We must find more strong capable Dems to run for office. DEMS and YOUNG people must also GET OUT OUT AND VOTE! Their lack of votes cost us the Presidency, and surely they can see how bad a decision THAT was. All the more reason for them to get involved in the Democrat Party!

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Posted by mbomcar on 04/03/2017 at 12:17 PM

Re: “Reader: Dear Gazette Editorial Board, care to report on this?

I have to admit, those little Pygmy goats are pretty cute!

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Posted by Jim Bensberg on 04/03/2017 at 11:36 AM

Re: “Introducing the new

the site looks fantastic, Great job Craig!!

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Posted by tanyashaw737 on 03/31/2017 at 12:04 AM

Re: “Organizing the Donald Trump resistance

North Carolina Announces Deal To Repeal Transgender Bathroom Bill
The move comes as the NCAA threatens a 6-year boycott of the state.…

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Posted by guruD on 03/30/2017 at 7:00 AM

Re: “The environmental movement born out of Standing Rock

Our "water protectors"? Really? I don't think so. Why don't you call them on that boast and have them produce their records of water they have protected thus far? And how many of the millions of miles of pipelines have they protested at? The alternative to pipelines is trucks and freight trains hauling it overland. Sound logical, safe and or reasonable? One would have to be about 6 years old to buy into their fantastic notion, yet here you are, you write it and it is printed.

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Posted by Bob Wyman on 03/29/2017 at 10:43 PM

Re: “Reader: This is Trump's agenda


"So why put your trust in them? Try thinking for yourself instead."

Why put your trust in them? How about because SCOTUS is a co-equal branch of the government created by the Founding Fathers in the CONSTITUTION.

Your eagerness to dismiss SCOTUS reveals your contempt for everything in the Constitution that doesn't make you happy. It's not a buffet where you can pick and choose. It's the CONSTITUTION, and you don't get to reject SCOTUS and then say you're just following the Constitution.

"Bill, you don't need a law degree to understand the basics of the Constitution. "

Actually, it appears that the law degree would be very useful for you, since you think your opinion is right and SCOTUS is wrong. You got that backwards.

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Posted by Bill W. on 03/29/2017 at 6:00 AM

Re: “A message to city voters: Rise above the negativity

" - - -we could be looking at turnouts as low as 15 percent in District 4 and only in the 35 percent range for the other closely contested district races."

On the date Mr. Routon posted this article ( 6 days from the election) the overall rate of return of ballots (voter turnout) was at 18.47%.

What do you feel is the impact of negative advertising on local elections? A five minute grass roots survey. You can also check the current voter turnout for your city council district - Thank you.…

Posted by Staci6 on 03/29/2017 at 2:11 AM

Re: “Reader: This is Trump's agenda

"supreme court justices often disagree with each other, and 5-4 decisions are common." But Skycastle always knows what is correct without even having (or appreciating) the benefit of a law degree. If you don't believe it, just ask him.

"So why put your trust in them?" Undermining the judiciary! Your Russian handlers must be very proud!

"Try thinking for yourself instead." Good advice coming, as it does, from a bot! If we cannot even trust the Supreme Court, we certainly cannot trust you.

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Posted by Mr. K-- on 03/28/2017 at 4:59 PM

Re: “Reader: This is Trump's agenda

Bill, you don't need a law degree to understand the basics of the Constitution. One basic is limited federal power. The Constitution was designed to limit power to the federal government by giving it only certain, specified duties, listed in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, and the only way to legally give additional powers to the federal government is by Constitutional Amendment.

Do you disagree?
If you disagree, can you explain what the 10th Amendment means?

BTW - supreme court justices often disagree with each other, and 5-4 decisions are common. So why put your trust in them? Try thinking for yourself instead.

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Posted by Skycastle on 03/28/2017 at 1:55 PM

Re: “Reader: This is Trump's agenda


I'm going with Mr. K's characterization...paid troll or bot sounds about right.

Even so, I will give you the opportunity to clarify where exactly you got your law degree. Your post is so full of debunked legal fantasies that you might want to ask your alma mater for a refund.

"So the feds have no legal power over these issues, and when they make laws here it's an "usurpation of power" and is totally unconstitutional."

You do realize, of course, that the Supreme Court disagrees with you. SCOTUS IS in the Constitution, so I'm going with their reading of it. Not yours.

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Posted by Bill W. on 03/28/2017 at 5:06 AM

Re: “Transitioning early is beneficial for transgender children

Do you ever stop to ask what neurological and long term health damage is done by not having a natural puberty? I mean, really wondered why our body has puberty, what it does for our brains? How we work out the world through these years? Have you read about the crisis in Haiti caused by puberty blockers? The crumbling bones, the anxiety and the heart troubles. When men get prostate cancer in their sixties the side effects from hormones blockers kill them before the cancer, when men take hormones to prevent hair loss some get such chronic fatigue that they commit suicide.
And Cambridge University research shows that most gender non conforming kids, those that you perceive as trans, are simply lesbians or homosexual. They surveyed 5000 homosexual teens.
Come on now placing this health damage on kids is nonsense and pretty disgusting, rendering your child infertile because they say they're the opposite sex is abuse.

As for kids praying, this is praying away the gay. They think they're feelings are about gender, whereas religious indoctrination tells them that being gay is sinful so they think they're "in the wrong body". A teen taking lithium??? Serious mental health issues, not trans.

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Posted by Jellie Kay on 03/28/2017 at 12:18 AM

Re: “Reader: This is Trump's agenda

Matthew, since you asked, the Constitution leaves it up to the states to develop environmental regulations. Read the 10th Amendment if you're confused here. Seriously, read it and try to understand it, then we can discuss it.

You want to know how the EPA, DOE, wildlife rule, Obamacare, and federal money for Planned Parenthood are all unconstitutional? The answer is simple:
Those powers were never given to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution. That's how the Constitution was written, so that only limited, specified, delegated powers were given to the feds. They're listed in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. All other powers indeed most powers were left to the states and the people. When the people decide that the federal government needs more power, they're free to pass Constitutional Amendments which give it more power. This basic idea of limited federal power was the cornerstone of the Constitution. The Founders built it around that idea, so as to prevent federal tyranny. They left it up to the states and the people to decide if the feds needed a new power, and required the feds to get their permission first, so that the feds couldn't just take control of areas which were not under their legal control. This was meant to protect our rights from federal abuse. But power over the environment, wildlife, education, and health was never given to the feds, not in the original Constitution and not in the amendments. So the feds have no legal power over these issues, and when they make laws here it's an "usurpation of power" and is totally unconstitutional. Do you understand this? If not, consider the 18th Amendment (Prohibition). Why was it passed?

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Posted by Skycastle on 03/27/2017 at 5:57 PM

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