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  • May 18-24, 2000
  • Vol. 8, No. 20
  • It's your turn, Dick


  • Shelter plan poorly conceived, neighbors say
  • Shelter plan poorly conceived, neighbors say

    When backers of a proposed homeless shelter began to secretly buy up property in the south downtown Mill Street neighborhood last fall, they said stealth was necessary because they wanted to make sure their plans were in order before going public. Now, five months later, a task force of seven residents of the neighborhood say they are still in the dark on key aspects of the plan, and, as a result, have shifted from support of the plan to outright opposition.
  • Springs churchgoers protest Iraq sanctions

    Hundreds of Colorado Springs church-goers added their voices Sunday to a growing chorus of protest over the death, disease and hardship that U.S. sanctions are imposing on the people of Iraq.
  • Lawsuit, low ranking snarls Gold Camp Road plan

    What has become a high-stakes effort to re-open Gold Camp Road to cars was struck down a notch last week when the Pikes Peak Area Council of Government assigned a low ranking to a Forest Service petition for $175,000 in federal transportation funds.


  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor.
  • Yelling fire in a crowded West

    We can expect hysteria and distortion in the wake of the Los Alamos fires: a fierce blaming attitude toward federal agencies and suggestions that we log the heck out of the land to save houses. But the situation is more complicated than that.
  • Gardening Daze

    Last week, I went out and did something I have never done in ten years of Colorado gardening. I bought a 12-foot-tall Shademaster Honey Locust. The allure of instant gratification grabbed me.
  • IQ: Will men take the pill?
  • IQ: Will men take the pill?

    The advent of the birth control pill, 40 years ago, liberated an entire generation of women from worries of using contraceptives that didn't effectively and reliably prevent pregnancy.
  • Outsider

    As you may have read in these pages last week, our intrepid Council members recently took a few minutes from their busy schedules to bash the media theyre negative/nitpicking/unfair, etc., etc. When I was on Council, I would have agreed with all of it, but now things seem a little different.
  • Public Eye

    The Independent made an impressive showing at last weekends Society of Professional Journalists Best of Colorado Excellence in Journalism Awards for 1999, so bear with us while we toot our horn a little.

Food & Drink

  • The backyard salad bowl
  • The backyard salad bowl

    Even the most well-groomed of suburban backyards can yield a veritable cornucopia of tasty wild plants that, blended in a block party salad, will not only raise your level of self-reliance but impress the heck out of your Safeway-shopping neighbors.


  • Swingin' Into the Big Time
  • Swingin' Into the Big Time

    Ever since bursting on the scene last year as the areas only trio dedicated to guitar-focused, French gypsy jazz, Mango Fan Django members have been handing out CDs the group has burned of informal studio and live, concert sessions.
  • Playing Around: Junior Brown
  • Playing Around: Junior Brown

    This week we highlight Junior Brown, the simple country boy whose seems to have inherited the soul of Jimi Hendrix. Hell be performing tonight Thursday, May 18 at the Colorado Music Hall.


  • On Their Toes
  • On Their Toes

    Like many of you, when I saw the trailer for Center Stage, I glibly dismissed it. But my pre-judgment was uninformed.
  • Gag Fest

    In today's enlightened environment, it seems the only people you can still parody on film are white rural folk and the grossly overweight and Held Up does its level best to take advantage of this loophole while it can.
  • Movie Picks
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.


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