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  • Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2000
  • Vol. 8, No. 26
  • The Green Team


  • The Green Team
  • The Green Team

    Nader's Raiders march down the Green highway to take America back from 'tweedledum' and 'tweedledumber'
  • The budding party

    With a common theme of ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, social justice and peace and nonviolence, the Greens are organized as a political party, or movement in some form, in 95 countries on every continent.


  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor.
  • Heart bypass

    This weekly feature is designed to provide a follow-up to stories which originally appeared in the Independent's news pages.
  • Gardening Daze

    No garden is ever done, not until were "done." In the meantime, I'm making new gardens, re-thinking old ones, my roots digging deeper into these soils, rocky remnants of ancient oceans.
  • IQ: The Age of Apathy
  • IQ: The Age of Apathy

    Folks, I am one of the members of the high school graduating class of 2000. Most of us who are a part of "Generation Y" were born and have lived under three presidents: Reagan, Bush and Clinton. None of us even have the satisfaction of being disappointed about having once had a fine leader standing in the front of our country and now having a putz for a president.
  • The Outsider

    Colorado Springs is, to use that wonderful military euphemism, a "target-rich environment."
  • Public Eye

    Kudos to Boulder Weekly for scooping the local media on a story that raises questions about academic freedom in a masters degree program for public affairs at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
  • What I'd ask the candidates

    I've often toyed with what questions I would ask candidates running for national office to gauge their values, priorities, introspectiveness, and candor. After much consideration, here's what I'd ask them.

Food & Drink

  • Rhu-Tang Clan
  • Rhu-Tang Clan

    I don't know about your neighborhood, but every spring it seems our neck of town is awash in rhubarb. So here are a few suggestions that will allow you to at least make a dent in your supply (or that of your neighbors should you know someone with a patch).



  • Movie Picks
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.
  • Movie Times

    What's playing, where, and when, on the silver screen in Colorado Springs.
  • Rebel Hubbub
  • Rebel Hubbub

    The Patriot is a concept movie surprisingly similar to director Ridley Scott's Gladiator. The two movies uncomfortably meet in establishing a 21st-century breed of spectacle enhanced, historically referenced, yet impure grand-scale films trapped inside a dead-end capsule of Spielberg-infected dramatic flatness.


  • Moody Blues
  • Moody Blues

    Often, fiction about rural, blue-collar life is male-based; macho and rugged. Maureen Gibbon, in her debut novel Swimming Sweet Arrow, turns this recent tradition on its head by giving us the female point of view.
  • Blow to the Head
  • Blow to the Head

    Can we like a character who has the emotional fuse of a sociopath? Adam Berlin, in his debut novel Headlock, answers this literary question, oddly, in the affirmative.


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