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  • Jan 10-16, 2002
  • Vol. 10, No. 2
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  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor.
  • Domestic Bliss

    Ours is not a family with a vacation home in the mountains or a cottage by the sea.
  • IQ: Pat Buchanan
  • IQ: Pat Buchanan

    Arch conservative commentator and three-time presidential candidate Pat Buchanan argues in his new book that declining birth rates in Christian European countries, combined with exploding birth rates in Latin America, Africa and Asia, mean doom for the West. By 2050, he says, the United States will be a third-world country.
  • Livelong Days
  • Livelong Days

    Dan Kamin is the first practicing mime to have studied Charlie Chaplins body language and he comes to the Fine Arts Center this week to give a presentation on the artists craft.
  • Outsider

    The new era begins. With this weeks abrupt departure of city manager Jim Mullen, the political re-alignment that was first manifested in last Aprils Council elections has finally taken place.
  • Public Eye

    Breed, conservative white baby, breed. That's the gist of Pat Buchanan's latest book, The Death of the West, which hell be promoting in Colorado Springs this week.

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  • Playing Around
  • Playing Around

    The musicians in this town could be classified as a loose bunch, floating from gig to gig, incestuously jamming in basements and bars, indiscriminately partnering with drummers and bassists. It's no wonder somebody showed up to bring order to this lawless scene.


  • Regal Redemption
  • Regal Redemption

    The oddball brains behind the head-scratching hit Rushmore and his Sundance breakthrough Bottle Rocket, Wes Anderson's latest film, The Royal Tenenbaums, is no less remarkable and perplexing -- especially as a commercial success.
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  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springsarea screens.


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    If there's something going on, we've got it listed here.

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