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  • Aug 8-14, 2002
  • Vol. 10, No. 32
  • Watch your step



  • IQ: Primary? What primary?
  • IQ: Primary? What primary?

    Next week's primaries will likely be the deciding election for many races, including most of the county's legislative races.
  • Letters

    Readers of the Independent talk back to the editor
  • Livelong Days
  • Livelong Days

    What's happening this week in the big city-- highlights from our listings.
  • Outsider

    John Hazlehurst on Colorado Springs, the mirage oasis

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  • Movie Picks
  • Movie Picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films showing on Colorado Springs area screens.
  • Movie Times

    What's playing, where, and when, on the silver screen in Colorado Springs.
  • Aliens and Angst
  • Aliens and Angst

    Yes, we are all mesmerized by the mysterious and lyrical sound of director M. Night Shyamalan's name. Unfortunately, so is he.
  • Breaking the Code

    Long live the geeks, for they win us wars. After all, who do you think creates all those "smart bombs," satellite tracking systems and laser-guided missiles?

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