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  • Jul 15-21, 2010
  • Vol. 18, No. 28
  • Watch your step
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  • Long story short

    How closely does Colorado mirror what's happening politically across the nation? We're about to find out.


  • Advice goddess

    There's never been a better time for you to miss out on the guy of your dreams.
  • IQ: Scraping bottom on the bottom line
  • IQ: Scraping bottom on the bottom line

    Sports is big business. Last week's lead-up to LeBron James' announcement about where he's "taking his talents" generated a media circus of marketing hype and obsession with money.

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  • Big gigs
  • Big gigs

    Upcoming concerts here and around the region.
  • Playing around

    Who's playing where, and when, at area venues for the next week.


  • Movie picks

    Our reviewers' recommendations for films playing around the area.


  • Caveman dildo found?
  • Caveman dildo found?

    Moralists might have you believe that sex toys are nasty inventions of modern culture. But the recent discovery of what appears to be an ancient dildo carved out of antler bone raises questions about just how kinky our Stone Age ancestors might have been.
  • Postcard from St. Andrews: Saturday
  • Postcard from St. Andrews: Saturday

    What’s wrong with this picture? This is basically a star-studded cast of Americans, Asians, and Europeans. They’re all here. This is probably the most coveted title in golf history. And the leader is South African, has never made a cut in the majors and has made a total of $1,627.76 in this tournament in three attempts.
  • Postcard from St. Andrews: Sunday
  • Postcard from St. Andrews: Sunday

    I spent a few moments at a concession stand at the absolute end of the great golf course, with the sea in view … then turned down a small path leading in the general direction of my way home. Then it happened. For one moment a hole opened in the universe. A seam that allowed entry into a place that might, or might not, be real.

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