Micah Will 
Member since Feb 9, 2013

Favorite Places

    ReLeaf: Spring 2015

    Strains: 40

    Top strain: Champagne

    Top edible: Cheeba Chews

    Unique feature: The center treats members like family.

    Best Of 2014: Medical Marijuana Dispensary: West

    It all started in a closet, with six plants and one registration card, five years ago, says co-owner Mike (who chooses to withhold his last name). Today, Strawberry Fields is a juggernaut on the medical marijuana scene, offering employees a full retirement plan and setting itself apart among customers by selling "completely organic marijuana grown in soil and watered by hand." The west-side store boasts 30-plus strains, as well as a variety of oils, tinctures, balms and edibles. And though some Coloradans maintain a certain skepticism, "awareness regarding the benefits of this plant continues to grow," says Mike. "[It's] like pushing over a vending machine — it needs to be rocked back and forth a few times before it tips over." — Anna Palmer


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