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    Bites 2012

    Since 1971, dishing classic American breakfast items from omelets and pancakes to Mexican items like chorizo and huevos rancheros. Then more Mexican favorites at lunch alongside burgers, sandwiches, and a right-decent chicken-fried steak. Also serving neighboring Twisted Knickers Pub.

    Writer's Pick: Best Longtime Locally Owned Restaurant

    If you're looking for a restaurant with a varied menu that's close to downtown and locally owned, none beats Maggie Mae's. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu offers pages of options, from the hearty "meat lover's omelet" stuffed with bacon, ham and sausage — a heart attack on a plate, but what a way to go! — to salads and sandwiches. Its green chili, whether smothering a burrito or sitting by itself, is some of the best in town. Maggie Mae's has been locally owned for 38 years, plenty of time to wipe away any vestiges of the Village Inn that occupied the building beforehand. — Pam Zubeck


    Best Of 2014: Burger

    The California-style burgers at Drifter's have been so successful that the small restaurant opened a second location near the Chapel Hills Mall earlier this year, and in June signed an agreement with a franchise development group to expand even further. But the important stuff is the same: beef sourced from Ranch Foods Direct, shakes, shoestring fries and a cow-abunga surfer vibe. (Sorry. I had to.) Order your burgers "wild style" if you like to have fun; order the four-patty Big Island Combo if you like to have diabetes and fun. — Bryce Crawford

    Bites 2013: Wild-Style Double Cheeseburger

    This monster starts life as a series of beef patties from Ranch Foods Direct. Mustard's cooked directly in, before Stage 2 is completed with toppings of lettuce, tomato, house Thousand Island dressing, pickles and a dash of brightening ketchup. Stage 3 is Austin Powers' crucial "warm, liquid goo phase": melted cheese running through a greasy pile of sweet grilled onions. ($4.19)

    multiple locations

    Bites 2012

    With three different owners since 1954, this classic drive-in has remained a Springs staple for soft-serve treats, including shakes, malts and floats. But you can also grab a decent burger, chili dog or some French fries with a slushie. The throwback atmosphere is half the charm.


    Bites 2012

    Pick from a variety of items like lo mein, fried rice and spicy pineapple chicken, each only $1.85. Some say portions are bigger if you get it to go.


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