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Re: “Academy accused of targeting religious group

Ender is just another fundamentalist Christian nut bar who spends his time attacking Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and defending the egregious acts of the Air Force Academy in their crusade to prey upon and convert under duress all cadets and support staff. Ender is a troll. He has never been able to back up his statements with facts and instead demands the names of victims of religious discrimination and predation so that he can pass them along to his Fundamentalist buddies on the Air Force Academy staff so that they can be further strong-armed with reprisals. Ender is a co-conspirator with the Fundamentalist Christian hoard running the Academy, a former officer who disgraces the uniform and man without a conscience who considers treason a small price to pay in the crusade to impose a Fundamentalist Christian theocracy on America. He is a man devoid of principle who has sold his pledge to defend the Constitution for a shot at Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christian theocracy. He is morally vacuous and deserves only our utmost contempt.

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Posted by Akiva David Miller on 02/07/2012 at 7:18 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Here we go again ... AFA and religion

"Ender" - another dodge on your part, and not even a clever one. Of course Mr. Weinstein has provided countless anonymous complaints to the Pentagon, but protecting a service-member requires the omission of any information that might identify the service-member since reprisals by religious predators who fill the chain of command (yes, Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christians have for many years been allowed to successfully promote and protect their own) are virtually guaranteed should the identity of a complainant become clear. But, of course you know this; you're just trying to dodge the issue again and protect your own, just as you seek to protect your own ridiculous anonymity. "Ender," you are a pathetic excuse for a human being who uses circular reasoning in a vain attempt to disguise your own treasonous support for the Fundamentalist Christian Taliban and embecilic lack of rational thought.

Posted by Akiva David Miller on 10/23/2011 at 10:28 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Here we go again ... AFA and religion

Mr. Paine, if you'd been paying attention you would have seen that the issue is greater than "two e-mails." The issue is a pervasive atmosphere of religious predation, an order to respect everyone's different faiths or no faith and discontinue predatory religious conduct and the failure of the Academy's leadership to both disseminate the order and follow it. When Jewish cadets are routinely called "Christ-killers" and worse, and even beaten by their fundamentalist Christian peers, when pagans and atheists are routinely called "Satan worshipers" and face daily intimidation and discrimination, when cadets are routinely pressured by their superiors and peers to attend fundamentalist Christian religious services and aggressively discriminated against when they have the temerity to seek opportunities to practice their own faith or no faith, then that is a much bigger problem than your condescending implication that it's all just about "two e-mails." At the Academy real individuals' lives and careers are in daily jeopardy because of their chosen religious faith or no faith, the pentagon recognizes this and has issued directives for the religious predation and intimidation to stop; however, the Academy's leadership refuses to disseminate the directives or abide by them - that is not only a serious problem, but rank insubordination.

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Posted by Akiva David Miller on 10/23/2011 at 3:58 AM

Re: “UPDATE: Here we go again ... AFA and religion

One more note regarding "Ender" - he would have us disclose the names of Cadets, Airmen and staff who have reported religious predation at the Air Force Academy to justify our allegations, while he refuses to publicly disclose his own real name. The man's duplicity is obvious, and so are his profane motives.

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Posted by Akiva David Miller on 10/22/2011 at 7:44 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Here we go again ... AFA and religion

“Ender” would love for us to turn over the names of hundreds of MRFF clients from the Air Force Academy so that he could then turn them over to his fellow Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christians in charge at the Academy and see them face terrible reprisals at the hands of the Christ-O-Fascist religious predators. The Fundamentalist, Dominionist leadership at the Air Force Academy, whom “Ender” supports and defends, knows that their pervasive pattern of virulent and sometimes violent religious discrimination, harassment and religious predation precludes staff, Airmen and cadets from using the formal complaint structure in order to protect their own military careers and safety, but once again “Ender” and his co-religionists see this predation, harassment and intimidation as an essential element of their religious practice and therefore protected behavior, despite policies and procedures (not to mention the U.S. Constitution) that provide clear evidence to the contrary. “Ender” has no evidence to support his assertions and he knows this because he knows full well he’s lying; but he’s trying to deflect this reality by demanding that the Foundation and its supporters provide him and his fellow religious predators - Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christians - with “evidence” so he can get busy assisting his fellow religious predators in further preying on more innocent AFA staff, Airmen and cadets. Go back through the history of this publication and see for yourself that “Ender” does nothing but repeat the same old tired canards, the same old Dominionist party line – just another stream of distortions and lies from professional liars for Jesus. In defending his fellow religious predators “Ender” is no better than the Catholic Church officials who have made a career out of defending sexual predators. At least in this analogy it is worth noting that the vast majority of Catholics would not dare to defend sexual predators, but in the case of Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christians (who even go so far as to teach that Jews will be given the choice of accepting Jesus or being rounded up into prison camps – see: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bruce-wilson… ), every single one of them not only defends religious predators, but practice religious predation – they deserve nothing less than repudiation.

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Posted by Akiva David Miller on 10/22/2011 at 7:13 PM

Re: “UPDATE: Here we go again ... AFA and religion

Once again "Ender" is first out of the gate with his lies and defense of his own preferred policy of Fundamentalist Christian predation; he doesn't see a problem because he is a religious predator seeking to defend other religious predators. These Fundamentalist Christians believe that religious predation is central to their belief systems and that policies and procedures restraining their practice of religious predation somehow violate their religious rights; they don't care about the rights of non-Fundamentalist Christians and in fact routinely preach that non-Fundamentalist Christians aren't entitled to basic human rights. "Ender" celebrates the atmosphere of religious predation at the Academy and like the rest of his Fundamentalist co-conspiratorial liars for Jesus is willing to do or say anything to further the Fundamentalist Christian agenda. "Ender" wants cadets and others to report abuses through the Academy's formal reporting system because he knows that those who dare to give their names in reporting religious predation at the Academy routinely suffer egregious discrimination, intimidation and even physical violence. Why does "Ender" support such conduct? Because like the religious predators who run the show at the Academy he doesn't care if you have to beat the Jesus into cadets, as long as they get Jesus. "Ender" long ago betrayed his oath to support and defend the Constitution and he has long since abandoned morality and humanity; there's nothing left for him but to defend he and his co-religionists' efforts to bring the Crusades to a military institution and Veterans facility near you.

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Posted by Akiva David Miller on 10/22/2011 at 12:55 AM

Re: “'I'm done with him'

I could smell the foul stench of swine excrement coming from Colonel Dave Hughes all the way here in Oregon. Once again the ridiculous excuse for a human being is back at it, insisting that Christians, and in particular Dominionist Christian Crusaders at the Air Force Academy and elsewhere in the U.S. Military, have a right to inflict their religion of bigotry and hate on everyone else. This horse’s ass is right out of the Inquisition and the Christian Crusades; if he had his way everyone would be forced to either convert or die. It’s men like Colonel Hughes that have turned much of the Christian Church in America into one big, overblown agency of pure evil. He has read his bible and brushed aside those scriptures that stand opposed to his bigotry and virulent hatred, and he’s twisted and clung to those that, out of context, would seem to support his mission of hatred and violence toward those he would consider unbelievers. In fact the only good thing about what he wrote was the news that he’s got his grave marker ready, and hopefully has one foot in the grave, with the other soon on its way, because that means that his day of judgment is coming and he can look forward to pay back in full for his lifetime of hatred and abuse of others. And I’m not at all surprised that his wife went before him; who could bear to live longer with a man so full of himself and hatred for others?

For centuries Jews and others who thankfully did not buy into the Christian Church and its historical program of coercion and violence (thus sparing the world from catastrophe), did not have the power to fight back effectively against powerful Christians like Colonel Hughes; but after the Holocaust, after the murder of some six million Jews at the hands of men just like Colonel Hughes, the world Jewish community learned an important lesson: we will no longer stand idly by while human filth like Colonel Hughes seek to force their twisted religion of hate down our throats, while they seek to bully and intimidate us to just accept their vision of a hellish impersonation of Theocracy. And thankfully, in this country, the one I honorably served in the U.S. Navy, we have a Constitution that guarantees religious freedom and prohibits the establishment of any one religion. Both Colonel Hughes and I took an oath to protect and defend that Constitution; but the difference between us is that I have honored my oath and he has defiled his, engaging in the treasonous practice of actively working to undermine our Constitution.

I hear the moronic rumblings of men like Colonel Hughes all the time, railing against the threat of the Muslim hoard. It’s ironic really, since the hatred and murderous violence of radical Islam is nothing more than the mirror image of the hatred and murderous violence that has, since the days of Constantine, been the bread and butter of radical Christianity. It was, after all, the Christian Church that taught Islam how to hate and murder Jews and others. Further, Edward Gibbon, in his exhaustive study of Rome and its fall, was right on the mark when he so accurately observed that one of the principle causes of the fall of the Roman Empire was the establishment of the State Religion of Christianity. Colonel Hughes and his ilk want to do it all over again – implement Christianity as the State Religion of the United States of America and in so doing bring about its collapse, the end of what we know of as our beloved Republic, which will allow them to build their twisted version of a Christian Theocracy in its place; and if you want to know what it will look like, just observe the machinations of radical Islamic States like Iran, Syria, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and others – it’ll be the same thing, only under a different name.

People such as the monstrous Mr. Hughes do not use the Cross of their so-called “Christ” to make people’s lives better; they use the Cross as a sighting device to prey upon others. Their “religion” of hatred and the coercive tactics they use to inflict it on others, contrary to what Mr. Hughes claims, does injure and even destroy many. The truth is that the Colonel just doesn’t give a damn, because he is soul-less and without human decency or compassion; so, he is not only perfectly happy to use his “religion” to target, injure and destroy those around him, these acts of hatred, violence and coercion are actually the vivifying or animating force that drives him forward. He is but a shell of a man driven forward to commit acts of religious violence against others by his demons of rage and hatred. With reprehensible and evil men like Colonel Hughes filling the ranks of the U.S. Military today it is no wonder that we now have the highest suicide rate among active duty military personnel and veterans ever.

Posted by Akiva David Miller on 08/24/2011 at 1:44 AM

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