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Re: “Unlicensed vehicles are the norm on streets near The Broadmoor, tickets aren't

Well Ill give ya that one Robert and agree.

Posted by Rocky Smith on 12/02/2016 at 8:34 PM

Re: “The Trump presidency, deplorables, the media, and more

Interesting letters this week. First off our system of the electoral college does work we vote in a Democratic way but count in the electoral so as to be true to our republic. That's what you tell your children the truth. If you remember correct Baby Bush won the same way. Time will tell if Trump makes the right calls for our Country with what powers he may have. I personally think things are going to put in that hand basket and go to that place Grandma warned us about. But we will see. Everybody wants some kind of change and looks to the President to do it but ignores the rest of our leadership where the changes are needed and that's Congress. All of our policy and laws come from that group and yet everyone looks to the President. Trump just like Obama and Bush is only going to get as much done as Congress allows and Congress is influenced by money. Not your vote not mine just by who ever has the most money and they are secure in there jobs because the voters are preoccupied by the Presidential election and whats promised to them by that one person. Everyone talks about coming together as one Nation but we keep voting one group over the other then the next time its the other groups turn after the first group screws up and blames the President. We need balance, compromise and solid leadership in all three branches of Government. Not one side takes all and we damn sure need the money taken out of the Capitol so the people have a voice again. The biggest problem with Obama was Congress not doing a damn thing and him going forward on his own with what few powers he had. We dont need more of that. But that's just my opinion.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 11/30/2016 at 10:03 AM

Re: “A Federated States of America?

Hey Mike What has Clinton been convicted of? Here's a clue NOTHING. Why? Because maybe nothing shes done is CRIMINAL. Have you ever thought of that.Trump knows this and has known this but used the hype to get a bunch of folks to vote for him. Why was the the Federal form of Government changed? Here's another clue It did'nt work as intended. To many using there office to benefit themselves and not the people that sent them there. The people sent a bunch of fellas to Washington to do there bidding for them and when they got there they did what ever they wanted and not what the people wanted. Take your own advice read a History book. Sound like someone you just voted for. Think about what you just admitted. He said first thing was jail Clinton and take the ACA down. He hasent even taken office and has said he wont do either. What else wont he do that he promised once he takes office. Your screaming about some folks following the Liberals blindly when your doing the same thing with Conservatives. Our form of Governing is not perfect but its still the best in this World if he screws us over then we get to vote him out in four years or possibly impeach him. What Socialist Country gets this power? Should this "old Man" quit bitchen NO because that's something else that makes this Country great we all get to Bitch without retaliation its a right that's given to all of us including you, him and me.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 11/24/2016 at 9:44 AM

Re: “Water contamination, the election, bigotry, and more

I got one question that maybe some of you can answer. If Clinton had really done all these horrible things why hasent she been convicted? Just saying innocent till proven guilty is still part of the American code. Is it not? Now before the " Right" jumps all over me for being "liberal" I didnt vote for Clinton or Trump I thought they both were the worst people in this Country to bring to the front. In my opinion Clinton had nothing to offer but what was in her baggage and Trumps ideas are ludicrous in this day and age. Draining the Swamp of Snakes and filling it with Alligators ant going to accomplish anything but more of the same that got us here.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 11/19/2016 at 8:15 AM

Re: “Local students protest Trump

Miss Maggie If you think for a second all this talk of rebuilding America is going to be cheap and benefit you then your the one hunting Unicorns. Corporations have made way to much money on Globalization to allow the clock to turn back now. I think you as well as plenty others have fallen into the same Political trap. Obama care or the ACA was a starting point. The Dems went to far and the Republicans sat on there butts and did nothing allowing it to go bat shit nuts. For 8 years they havent put together anything while the others piled on a bunch of crap. Its political hogwash. What we had before didnt work, what we have now costs to much because it covers to much and whats being thrown out there is just going to make matters worse. You raise cane over Government health care. You dont want them telling you how to run your health care but yet your willing to allow a corporation do it that only cares about one thing a profit. Do you really think for a second those corporations are going to lower prices because you buy it Kansas or Texas? Its the same company in a different state just less coverage for the same price then tell you its better. All the States that didnt take the ACA are still paying those huge prices. So how do think your going to save money? What needed to be done is allow Past illness coverage, major medical and basic coverage for all. But no that wouldnt have been political. The left had to add boner pills and pregnancy pills and the right just sat there with there thumbs in there butts. Now the Insurance Corporations have made major profits both on and off the exchange and there not going to give up them profits no matter where you buy it. Watch and see.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 11/14/2016 at 10:13 PM

Re: “Local students protest Trump

Heres what I see coming. Interest rates raise as promised so the housing market will take a hit. Health care overhaul so a bunch of people will be without again and prices wont change just keep going up. Piss off all the trade partners set up by both parties and the price of goods will go through the roof. Dont forget we have no manufacturing here anymore and the corporations wont bring it back if theres no money to spend on it weather or not regulations lower. They may bring there banking back but there not going to build factories again there wont be no extra money in it. Build that wall and try to redo NAFTA and guess what will happen. A bunch of our manufacturing is down there now because of NAFTA. Who is going to pay for that Wall? We will with higher prices for goods. Piss off the middle east and see what happens to oil prices. You may think we have enough of our own but Corporations are in charge of it. Piss off China and all the goods that Americans enjoy will sky rocket. Do you really think a tire, TV, tooth brushes or steal will ever be manufactured here again? Cut taxes by 30% as promised. Then how the hell do you pay for the infastructure projects that have been promised? Not to mention rebuilding our cities after they get tore up by the minorities hes pissed off. Or the hit our debt is going to take. Remember that debt all the Republicans have hollered about for the last 16 years and blamed the Dems for? Ill be the first to admit Mrs. Clinton was a horrible choice way to much baggage way to much. But I dont see how Trumps idea of taking us back to the industrial age is going to work without starving us first. Global commerce has gone on for to long and Russia is just waiting for us to fall thats why the backed him. The change that was needed is in Congress. Yes he promised that with term limits but dont forget Congress is in charge of Congress and they will never give up there own cash cow. Hold on folks this could be one hell of a ride.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 11/12/2016 at 10:22 AM

Re: “CSPD suspended from military surplus program based on accountability glitch

Sounds more like sour grapes on your part. I havent seen or heard of any fraud charges or even accusations of fraud leveled at her except from you or the folks shes reported on. If you know of any please do tell. Sure seems reporters like her are the ones that bring to light the karma thats deserved.

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Posted by Rocky Smith on 06/12/2016 at 12:47 PM

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