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Re: “Benny's Restaurant & Lounge

Tru, you can be on my list of those with bad behavior. You can see my list on this Independent site in various places. I do not criticize without cause and I use my real name. I will back up my comments with facts. I will ask who are you that you deserve special treatment and demand that someone lose their job. Bad service? I would spill drinks on you and I do not blame a bartender whose job is to serve glasses of angry, stupid, melancholy or however it affects you to everyone. Instant mood swings, fistfights and loudmouths- you name it and if you think your dollars are going to make or break anyone I say "think again".

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 08/19/2016 at 11:21 AM

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Re: “Fewer Colorado Springs cops work the streets as crime rises

Less police means more crime? Is that what I gleaned from skimming over this article? I was unaware that police stopped crime and thought they mostly investigated crime that had already occurred. I also thought that police here had the number one spot on the budget followed by the mayors office. (Go figure that one out, or I am reading everything wrong and if I am reading everything wrong then happy day! I can finally start to fit into society!)
A large city's police force should be self-sufficient but that cannot happen when "tools" are always being purchased to fight the War on ___________________ (fill in the blank). I would love to contract with the city to enforce traffic laws. There is a killing to be made writing traffic tickets but that won't happen because historically, at least up until a few years ago a ton of crime was solved, fugitives arrested etc all through simple traffic stops. Not roadblocks or SWAT teams or undercover investigations lasting years....
Don't get me wrong, I support legitimate law enforcement but not Rights violations, profiling or the tricks that are used to turn a simple incident into an arrest.
I was also wondering, how fast do the new patrol cars go?

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 09/19/2016 at 9:35 PM

Re: “Mental illness does not usually lead to violence

The Indy will never get around to printing articles, news or anything informative it seems to me. The main story and this one is about "mental illness" with just the right amount of anti-gun rhetoric. What part of a person's "mental" becomes ill I ask you?

Of course the pro-marijuana slant is included "he smoked "a lot of pot," though they thought the drug actually seemed to calm him." Let me inform you that marijuana can trigger anxiety attacks in many people. It is not a wonder drug and actually is a combination of drugs. Several anxiety attacks can become a lifelong ordeal as anxiety itself creates more.
Next we have:"people can get the wrong idea about mental health based on media stories". No kidding?! I did not know that until just now!

Tell me how did police not have any power of arrest over the person that clearly committed assault and battery? THAT is the anti-gun answer is not? Police will protect us when firearms are banned right?
This is another sad piece of non-journalism. Nobody will ever get educated from this "paper" and might even think nothing at all is going on in the world.

Finally! "the vast majority of people with a mental health issue are never going to mow down innocent civilians with an automatic weapon." Since automatic weapons require stringent guidelines be followed to own one and their price tag is easily out of most persons reach it is safe to say that using one as described will actually NEVER happen.
if you wish to doubt me I will make you a wager Ms. J. Buy yourself a functioning automatic weapon, wherever it is you think you can buy one, a real one not a prop, that does not belong to someone else such as a loaner, you must be the sole owner and show it to me personally (we will even fire it to be sure it is real) all within 48 hours from now and I will give you every firearm that I might own to do with what you will. Deal? 48 hours starting now. Go!

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 09/06/2016 at 9:13 PM

Re: “Seven initiatives make state ballot, two fail

"The money collected by the taxes would be used for a variety of programs including smoking cessation, medical research, mental health funding and other causes."
Government is making billions from the tobacco lawsuit alone so why the need for a tax increase? For others it is a wish to simply punish smokers and to cause a financial burden that most already suffer due to the ever failing economy (it is not a recession anymore, call it what it is: "over regulation").

So please tell me as this paper tends so often to leave many things out, what are "other causes"? List them please. Then expand on the "mental health funding" as well.

As a long time resident of this state I have seen it go from a place called "Colorado" to a Californicated piece of real estate full of outsiders that are full of bullshit.
And as with a "majority" type voting system a minority will lose and pay. This was not the intent of our former Republic as democracy is not an ideal system. Too bad we have public school systems to keep the people in the dark (stupid).

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 08/29/2016 at 7:37 PM

Re: “That's a lot of guns

Did the shitty sage hire these morons to waste time? Mine, yours, whoever, to cover his lack of rational thought and myopic view up his rear end?
Nobody will learn from this column or the weekly rag itself and it is easy to see that- unless you were born yesterday. You will learn to hate Douglas Bruce and not know who he is or was and end it with a preposition. You will not really learn about Wyatt Earp but will have assumptions instead. You will not learn that police carry firearms because they are sane, noble and deserving. They protect themselves with firearms. And kill citizens that pose a threat of any sort, that which will be judged at that moment. They do not consider the fear they instill to be a factor. Police are the sole possessors of sound judgement, citizens are not possessing of anything but drugs and guilt. And drugs are bad, mmmmkay, don't drugs mmmmkay, if you do drugs you're bad mmmmkay....
Earp was in law enforcement and protected the saloons and brothels that he owned. He disallowed open and concealed carry and that is understandable, all pimps that run things do not want to be challenged, they just want the citizen's money. Politicians and law enforcement ran everything. There was never a "stand in the street" gunfight, face to face, one on one. That is all myth except for the OK Corral where a dozen men settled a beef with firearms. The Earp's of course were on one side of that shooting, the side of the badge, law and order, The other side? Who cares, they lost. Not trained, just cowboys... you know, assholes with guns. Earp was a sociopath and sociopaths shoot dogs. Then they might tell you it was for the public good but they do not have to tell you anything at all. That's where we are now.

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 08/23/2016 at 1:26 AM

Re: “Shield 616 protects the protectors

Tim Bergsten! Does anyone who poses as a "journalist" do any amount of research or are all editors boozers or what. "Protect and Serve" was the propaganda for years but it was not true. It has been common knowledge for some time now that police do not nor are obligated in any way to protect anyone but themselves. Liability issues and that there are 2000 citizens for each police officer the chances are 99.99999999999% that when one is in trouble a cop will arrive in time to save them. If police were ordered to they would fail obviously and be sued everyday (that is if the "mass shootings" every 5 minutes as some want us to believe). Name the last time a cop in your town dispatched a bad guy that was about to create a victim..... I'll wait....
AND how about a definition of "high power" rifle? Most firearms have power and lots of it. I know you're in media but really, are you obligated to lie or stretch the truth while assigning labels such as "evil" and/or "good" to items? Then you have "ferocious capabilities of the shooter's high-powered weaponry" and it seems you may go into adjective overload.
I will clue you and other dummies in real quick: Firearms are dangerous! That is the core of the firearm. They can do damage, they can kill. It is what one needs to defend their life and more effective than a cell phone. The basis of The 2nd Amendment is you have the Right to protect yourself from the tyrannical. Plus there is no such thing as "cop killing" bullets.
If you want to see a "ferocious" firearm look at this video… You will see an AH64 Apache attack helicopter take out the enemy with an M230 chain gun. It fires up to 600 rounds per minute of 30mm (not 30 cal)
exploding projectiles. It is also called a "cannon" Then search for a M134D gatling machine gun which fires 50 rounds per second of 7.65 ammo…
So as citizens that carry concealed increases the murder rate goes down but concealed carry permit holders are strongly advised to never get involved in someone else' firefight. As an quick observation-public schools are gun free zones and the cause of school shootings, thanks to Bill Clinton. Planned Parenthood protestors have Freedom Expression but the signs accuse the clinic as being murderers. That is inflammatory and causes killings but nobody is too concerned about Freedom of Speech being regulated are they? Freedom of Speech is what you engage in and think it is your sacred Right and obligation to be a lying son of a bitch because you have a press pass. Then you may check out what police like to say: they put their lives on the line every day. Your research will tell a different story and so will Joseph Lozito, a man attacked on a NYC subway by a knife wielding mass murderer while NYC police locked themselves in a conductors cabin and watched.

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 08/07/2016 at 9:08 AM

Re: “Sean Lennon on his new band with Les Claypool, his parents' jukebox, and Michael Jackson's monkey

Does anyone need to read, write or even think about Sean Lennon? No, no and no. He does not need press or music reviews or to perform or anything else.

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 08/05/2016 at 6:37 PM

Re: “8th St. Lounge

Actually I have been in a few times, the last time being Monday about 4PM when we rode up. My friend and I had Mike's Limeade and the only other customer there my friend knew. Bartenders have always been pleasant and quick.
I was teasing Haley as indicated by a ; and a ) for those who missed it. : )

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Posted by Robert Wyman on 07/21/2016 at 9:24 PM

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