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Exploding world populations threaten the sustainability of our present food system — and encourage some out-of-the-box thinking.

click to enlarge Levi Anderson of downtown

Levi Anderson of downtown is a contractor.

How important is it to grow, buy and eat locally? Extremely important. It supports the local economy and it's generally healthier food: less GMOs, less pesticides.

What experience have you had growing your own food? My dad and I have done some major gardening. I've experimented growing koi with aquaponics and then running that water through my garden. Aquaponics puts more nutrients into food.

What's the toughest part of gardening? The planning. If you study the landscape and the needs of the plants you're growing, you get higher yields and simpler maintenance.

Some think an answer to the world's explosive population growth is to make insects a major source of protein. What's your take? I've eaten grasshoppers dipped in chocolate. It certainly wasn't one of my favorite things in the world, but it's a possibility.

click to enlarge Marlo Langman of the Motor City

Marlo Langman of the Motor City area is retired.

How important is it to buy and eat local? I'm a Colorado Springs native. I'm all for local. Local is community.

To what extent have you grown your own food? I used to have a big greenhouse and grew herbs for local restaurants. It was fun, but it didn't make a living.

Do you worry about the sustainability of our food system? We're not in any big threat of going hungry. It's a more a matter, presently, of what GMOs could mean for the food system.

What's your take on making insects a primary protein source as an answer to explosive population growth? A lot of cultures eat insects, but ours considers it gross. I don't see it happening here.

click to enlarge Marisa Foltz of downtown

Marisa Foltz of downtown is a teacher.

How important, in your view, is it to buy and eat local? It's really important, but I'm more a convenience person than a practice-what-I-preach person. In a perfect world, my perfect self would always buy local.

What experience have you had growing your own food? I've always rented, so the best I can do is container gardens on the porch.

What's the toughest part of gardening? Space and my own negligence.

Does the sustainability of our food system worry you? It crosses my mind now and then, and I worry about it then. I don't think about it much from day-to-day, though.

What's your take on suggestions that we make insects a major source of protein? Are you serious? You're joking, aren't you? You're putting me on, right?

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