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Sometimes Colorado Springs is a wild place to live. We've got shiny metal sculptures and cheesy political pizza tales. Sometimes we have forest fires. So what do the residents of Colorado Springs think about the current state of affairs in the city?

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Tom Carlson
Retirement Planning Downtown

Whatever happened to the drought? [It was a] momentary respite. When I grew up out here, it used to rain like this every day in the afternoons. I'm glad to see it's back, but I'm not sure if it's just false hope.

What do you think should be done with the Starr Kempf statues? I think we ought to buy them from Lottie Kempf and make her happy, and then we can have these great statues in Confluence Park. They're absolutely beautiful and you could see them from I-25. With water and those big statues I think they would look just beautiful.

Who do you think should pay for them? The El Pomar Foundation.

What do you think former City Councilman Charles Wingate should run for next? Charles Wingate and Ed Jones should probably partner up and run things from Denver. Or maybe he should try delivering the pizzas. I know that's not an elected position, but he'd have my vote.

Where would you spend a week with the new mayor? I would chaperone him to a gay festival in Rio.

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Neil Fenton
Waitstaff Westside

Whatever happened to the drought? It's still in effect. It's still here. We need it to rain every day for a long time. I don't think it's over.

Where should the Starr Kempf statues be displayed? On the Starr Kempf lawn. But since that's no longer an option, they should be in the community somewhere where they can be seen. I think the Fine Arts Center would be a great place.

What should former City Councilman Charles Wingate run for next? There's a city fun run for art or something going on. I think he should run in that.

Where would you spend a week with the new mayor? Southgate.

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Leon Long
Retail West side

What do you think ever happened to the drought? It's over, I guess. It just got tired of being dry.

Do you think we're out of the woods then? We'll have to see. You know how Colorado Springs can be.

Where should the Starr Kempf statues be displayed? They should stay at the house. I saw them, and they were absolutely gorgeous. They should be kept in their original placement.

What should former city councilman Charles Wingate run for next? Maybe he should run for the border.

Where would you spend a week with the new mayor? I don't think I'd like to spend time with the new mayor.


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