IQ: Innocence Lost 

Did the 1960s open a Pandora's box of subversion and danger with free love and drug use by youth, or did it merely make people more aware of society's more blatant imperfections? Nowadays, kids are branded as something other than kids; they are the pawns in a debate over safety and rights.

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Karen Jeenay Brown
Server and professional dancer
Neighborhood: Westside

How dangerous are today's youth? I think they're pretty dangerous, actually. I think because everyone's becoming so open-minded, there's so much freedom that people are just taking advantage of things.

What are your thoughts on cracking down on teens with everything from wearing ID tags to monitoring what books they check out? I think it's bullshit. I think it's stupid.

How do we bring back the age of innocence? I think it's gone! (laughs) I think if people just start trusting people more and listening to each other and not being so arrogant ...

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Isaac Allah
Spiritual evangelist
Neighborhood: Westside

How dangerous are today's youth? They're boiling up. They're not as dangerous as they're gonna be, coming [in] the next few months.

How well do you trust the teenagers you know? Zero.

What are your thoughts on cracking down on teens? No need for that ... just let 'em do their thing, yo.

Have school officials gone way overboard on these crackdowns? I think so, yes. You're gonna have to take other measures ... you're making them feel like animals, man.

How do we bring back the age of innocence? It's gonna take a lot of destruction, buddy. And God's gonna provide it.

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Dwight Jensen
Chemical engineer
Neighborhood: Northeast

How dangerous are today's youth? I would say, no more dangerous than in previous generations.

How well do you trust teenagers you know? Very well.

What are your thoughts on cracking down on teens? I really don't think there should be any crackdown as far as what ... teens do in public libraries or the books that they can check out. I do think that perhaps some of the dress, some of the things that go on in the schools, maybe, need to be tightened up a bit.

Have school officials gone way overboard? Oh, no. I don't think so. I think they're very careful, and they're very concerned about the potential fallout of anything that they do.

How do we bring back the age of innocence? I don't know that we ever had it.

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