IQ: Ku Klux Klan 

When most people think of the Ku Klux Klan, they envision the Deep South. Many don't realize that in the 1920s, the Klan was alive and well in Colorado, terrorizing communities and even controlling the governor.

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Josh Behner
Manitou Unemployed

What do you think about the KKK controlling Colorado politics in the 1920s? It's messed up but, at that time, people believed blacks, Jews, and all them were of a lower class.

Could it happen again? It's possible. Look at Hitler; we could have another one of him running around.

What group perpetuates hatred in Colorado today? Gangs. You have the Sons of Silence and Hell's Angels biker gangs. Then you've got the street gangs like the Bloods and Crips. Members of each are just going to kill in a vicious cycle.

How has racism reared its head in recent Colorado history? Look at the blacks and Mexicans in Colorado Springs. Most are sectioned off in the ghetto and can only find crappy jobs.

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Cindy Koons
West Side Tour Business Owner

What do you think about the KKK controlling Colorado politics? I wonder if the people knew who was representing them in government.

Could it happen again? Communication today would let us know and stop that kind of takeover.

Why did they wear those silly hoods? So that other people would not know what they had been up to.

What group perpetuates hatred in Colorado? Ignorance perpetuates hatred, so any group that is ignorant.

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Jaquelynn Ross
Manitou Administrative Assistant

What do you think about the KKK controlling Colorado politics? That surprises me. I've grown up in Colorado all my life and never really felt the KKK's legacy.

Could it happen again? I want to say no, but after last week's reversal of the same-sex partner benefits, anything's possible in this city.

Why did they wear those silly hoods? They were dunces.

How has racism reared its head? There are subtle things -- like looks from shopkeepers when I enter a store. And this city has pretty segregated neighborhoods.

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Ishod Collins
Downtown Security Officer

What do you think about the KKK controlling Colorado politics? The governor sure must have been a smooth talker back then.

Why did they wear those silly hoods? Many KKK members were people of power and they needed to protect themselves.

What group perpetuates hatred? Extremist groups that think they're superior to others are still everywhere. You have your fascists, terrorists, skinheads, fundamentalists ...

How has racism reared its head? It's much less pervasive today. On the streets, I see a lot of police officers of color. Our mayor is even a Hispanic.


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