IQ: Three scandals at once! 

Three scandals at once! Even for Colorado Springs, when it comes to the national spotlight, we're sure on a roll. Two weeks ago, Springs own police force proved itself the only one in the world (save Athens) that teargassed peace protesters (in Greece, protesters threw gasoline bombs at the cops; here they pointed video cameras).

And now it's the Air Force Academy and its alleged cover-up of rapes and sexual assaults on female cadets -- and the United States Olympic Committee's executive director Lloyd Ward resigning in disgrace after 16 months on the job.

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Robbie Korte
The Air Force Academy Account Manager

Are you surprised by the revelation that female cadets were allegedly raped by superiors? Sadly, I am not as surprised as I wish I could be. I happen to know a young lady who was raped up there and nothing ever happened.

What do you think is really going on at the USOC? Incompetent and corruptible situations. Ward's mismanagement should be prosecuted.

Who should fix it? The USOC reform should be handled in the private sector, maybe with some federal input.

What should Lloyd Ward's next job be? Garbage management.

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Jose Aponte
Chipita Park Library Director

What do you think of Colorado Springs being in the national spotlight? With the USOC, it's really positive. Hopefully, we will now be able to turn the spotlight back on the athletes, where it deserves to be.

Are you surprised by the recent revelations at the Air Force Academy? I find the news distasteful but not surprising.

What do you think is really going on at the USOC? The athletes certainly are not getting the support, which they need.

Who should fix it? We need an organization that is run by athletes and for athletes and with the purpose of representing the U.S.

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Bennie Johnson
North Nevada Cook

Are you surprised by the recent revelations at the AFA? I used to be in the military and I have seen this sort of thing happen before.

What do you think is really going on at the USOC? I'm not sure what it is, but something's messed up. USOC is supposed to be about the athletes, not their directors.

Who should fix it? The USOC should do a better job screening and monitoring the people they hire.

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Virginia Ludwig
Central Retired Teacher

What do you think of the national spotlight on Colorado Springs? My friends back in Florida are going to wonder where I moved.

Are you surprised by the recent revelations at the AFA? It just doesn't seem possible that these tragic acts can still be going on.

What should Lloyd Ward's next job be? Ward probably still wants power and he likes the goodies, so let's put him out in sales.


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