IQ: Tiger, tamer? 

You didn't have to be a golf fan — hell, you didn't even have to know how to spell "golf" — to have heard that Tiger Woods was in trouble. He returned to his sport last weekend, but his golden-boy image may never come back.

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Erik Gallion


What's your overall opinion of Tiger Woods? I think it's bad, what he's done, but I think they're actually blowing it out of proportion, as far as media is concerned.

Do you think the reaction to Tiger's infidelities would have been different if he played a different sport? No, I think if he was just as good a basketball player in basketball as he is a golf player in golf, then it probably would have been the same reaction.

Do you think celebrities' sex lives are fair game for media coverage? I guess they are just because they're in the limelight so often. It just depends on the public, whether they want to pay attention to it or not.

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Debbie Powell
Palmer Park

Retired nail lady

How would you describe your overall opinion of Tiger Woods? I think he stinks.

Has your opinion changed from before? Yeah. I used to not really have much of an opinion of him. I knew he was a good golfer, and I watched him play golf, but that's it.

Do you think his image can be repaired? No. I think he's damaged for his whole life.

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Sara Wilson

Bible school student

What's your overall opinion of Tiger Woods? I think Tiger Woods is a reflection of humanity, and how people feel like people's opinions matter so much. I think that he sought after what the world told him would fulfill his heart, and he fell and got destroyed by it.

Has your opinion changed from before? I think he fell like anybody else. He got lifted up by the world, like Britney Spears, because she got lifted up by the world then she fell and crashed and burned. I think he fell and crashed and burned. And I think it's great that he apologized to everyone, and I think it's great that he's going to counseling. I'm excited where he's going, so good for him! Go Tiger!

Do you think celebrities' sex lives should be considered fair game for media coverage? I think it's gross. I don't think it's any of our business, but that's the world for you. The world just jumps into all their lustful desires. Sex sells, so ... it's just trash. That's why I don't have TV, I don't have cable. I don't watch that stuff because it's all trash.


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