IQ: Transportation Solutions 

The entire idea of modern transportation is to go places quickly and with at least some comfort. But, lately, it seems to be getting harder and harder to go places without some sort of inconvenience - the guy in front of you in the "ultra-fast lane" who goes a million miles an hour below the speed limit, or one of the other myriad annoyances on the road. So what might the solution be? Light rail? Star Trekkian transporters? Have fun pondering.

Jon Vigne
Neighborhood: North end

How should we fix the clogged highways? I think the answer's more in mass transit, like light rail in town, or if we get something between Denver and here.

Do you prefer bus, auto, or passenger train? My preference, of course, is auto, because it's easier, but as far as mass transit, probably train, bus.

How do you get your aggressions out on the road? I try not to get my aggressions out on the road. I try and turn up the radio and forget about it.

Missy Kurrle
Neighborhood: Westside

What's the worst road rage you've seen? Probably right at I-25 and Uintah. This guy was coming -- we saw him come from behind -- [he] swerved all the way across, swerved right in front of us, almost caused an accident for us, and leaned all the way out of the window and was screaming at us, like we did something.

How should we fix the clogged highways? Maybe, like, speed up construction some.

Do you prefer bus, auto, or passenger train? Definitely my own car, because I've had to ride the bus before, and public transportation sucks.

How do you get your aggressions out on the road? I sing, blare my radio.

Ben Gonzalez & Joe Hohos
Server & Maintenance
Neighborhood: Central & Downtown

What's the worst road rage you've seen? (Ben) Probably when this guy named Rick hit a chick with his car. She was walking across, and she was acting snotty, like 'You better stop,' and he bumped her out of the way onto the grass and drove off.

Do you prefer bus, auto, or passenger train? (Ben) Bike ...think, also, that bikes should get more respect, because I ride a bike -- I have a license. I don't want to drive a car. I don't want to ride the bus. And Americans are fat enough, so they should ride bikes once in a while.

How do you get out your aggressions on the road? (Ben) Flip people off.


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