IQ: Who's the man? 

A wise man once told me, in about as many words, that government and laws are created so that stupid people don't desecrate moral universals and hurt people that are already aware and obedient of those ubiquitous ethics. Though my own views may contradict his slightly, I (and the rest of the world) must admit that government exists and laws are created. In view of that fact, it seems like common sense that we the people should elect representatives that will create jurisdictions that serves a logical and morally equitable function in our society. Of course, common sense does not run rampant like the plague, so here's to the next best thing: optimism and the ability to see through all the bullshit.

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Abraham Eisenstein
Neighborhood: South side

What question do you want answered that the press never asks political candidates? How much difficulty do you have keeping your public image and your private self together?

Name the politician that best represents you. Abraham Lincoln.

Who is Ron May? The only thing that comes to my mind is Ronald May, a famous psychologist.

What does Doug Bruce stand for? I immediately think of taxes and I feel a little uncomfortable.

What job could you be elected to? I would like to be voted onto the State Board of Education.

Why is democracy going down the tubes? I think there's a confusion between looking at democracy as a bottle of milk with the cream rising to the top or a cesspool with the scum rising to the top. Too many times people prefer the art of compromise and...somehow synthesize them into something a little higher than both of them.

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Gary Craw
Neighborhood: Central

What question do you want answered that the press never asks political candidates? When are they gonna do what the people want and get behind real campaign finance reform?

Name the politician that best represents you. John Kennedy.

Who is Ron May? I think he's a local candidate or a local politician.

What does Doug Bruce stand for? Everything that has to do with anti-taxes.

What job could you be elected to? Anything if I wanted to but I'm not really interested.

Why is democracy going down the tubes? Campaign finance reform -- lack of it. Basically the system we live in now is no longer a democracy; it's those who get the most money together. It's a little disconcerting. Money talks and everybody else gets what's left over.

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Buz Sencenbaugh
Neighborhood: North End

What question do you want answered that the press never asks political candidates? What will they really do? Not what they say they'll do, but what will they really do?

Name the politician that best represents you? Probably the Green candidate right now: Ralph Nader.

Who is Ron May? He could be a dog catcher or a councilman; I wouldn't have a clue.

What does Doug Bruce stand for? Doug Bruce probably stands for tax payers who hate paying taxes.

What job could you be elected to? I would be lucky to be elected to dog catcher. I speak my mind too much and put my foot right in my mouth, so there's no way I could be elected to anything.

Why is democracy going down the tubes? Apathy. When you're not hungry, and you have beer in your refrigerator, and you have cable, what's there to care about? I mean nobody cares about the wilderness because nobody goes there. There's no cause that's important to anyone. We give everything lip-service. For instance: education. 'Oh, it's important.' But where do you spend your money? 'Oh, we build roads.' So it's not important. What's really important is where you spend your money. That's what you value. And right now we value everything superficial: roads and more houses. Because we think it'll pay for itself. It never has in the history of the world, but we still value it.

-- Matthew Fullen


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