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click to enlarge Best Eyewear - Readers poll winner - Charlottes Optical Co. - SEAN CAYTON
  • Sean Cayton
  • Best Eyewear Readers poll winner Charlottes Optical Co.

Best Eyewear
Readers poll winner

Charlotte's Optical Co.
76 S. Sierra Madre St., Suite Q, 473-8066


Don't call Charlotte's Optical just a glasses store. While helping you see, Charlotte's makes its reputation in catering to how the world sees you. At Charlotte's you can pick designer and one-of-a-kind frames that will allow you to whisper, announce or scream, all without moving a muscle. Be simple and elegant, or seek out the perfect purple Swarovski crystal-encrusted glasses. And for those of you who have a hard time deciding, check out one of Charlotte's best features: You can get digital pictures of you sporting different specs, and e-mail them to your friends and family for their takes. -- SJG

click to enlarge Best Place for Unique, - Inexpensive Jewelry - Editorial pick - Eves Revolution - SUNNIE SACKS
  • Sunnie Sacks
  • Best Place for Unique, Inexpensive Jewelry Editorial pick Eves Revolution

Best Arch Support
Editorial pick

Brown's Shoe Fit Co.
123 N. Tejon St., 635-1575


Yes, they look good, but they're bad for your feet.

Yes, they make your calves look sexy, but they're bad for your feet.

At the end of the day, do you want enhanced calves, or good feet?

click to enlarge Best Womens - Fashion - Readers poll winner - Idor - COLLAN FITZPATRICK

Brown's Shoe Fit sees to it that you've got a wide variety of choices beyond Barbie-toes and arch-breakers. Clogs in every color and style imaginable. Sturdy shoes. European shoes. Shoes your grandmother would approve of. Shoes that will last long beyond your next birthday. Stick your toes in a Dansko or a Birkenstock, and you'll never go pointy again. And that's OK -- this is Colorado, after all. -- KCE

Best Place for Unique, Inexpensive Jewelry

Editorial pick

Eve's Revolution
1312 W. Colorado

Ave., 633-1357

They still say, after all this time, that diamonds are a girl's best friend. But Eve's Revolution can be a girl's budget-wise accessory savior. Before you know it, the collection of funky-and-chunky to dressy-and-classy necklaces, bracelets and earrings will find their way into your wardrobe. When you find a piece you just can't live without, snap it up; if you turn your back, it'll become another girl's best friend in no time. And the jewelry is one (or two) of a kind, so it's not likely to be restocked for your next visit. -- CSB

click to enlarge bbce_best_goods-19170.gif

Best Women's Fashion

Readers poll winner

218 N. Tejon St.,


Were you so inclined, you probably could follow, bloodhound-style, the fashion spoor of the devastatingly well-dressed right back to Idor. Its new location has vastly expanded stock, including men's clothing, and collections by Diesel, Ben Sherman, Custo, Trina Turk, AG and everyone else who'll make you look chic and urban -- and most importantly, exponentially snazzier than everyone around you. With the crme de la crme of accessories and apparel, an appropriately stylish andmega-helpful staff and a great new store, Idor's the jewel in the downtown fashion crown. -- AR

click to enlarge Best Cobbler - Editorial pick - Bon Shoe Repair - BRUCE ELLIOTT

Best Cobbler
Editorial pick

Bon Shoe Repair
2129 N. Weber St.

(behind Bon Shopping

Center), 635-9952

The best-kept secret of modern frugality is the cobbler. This local shop has been oiling hide, replacing soles and stitching leather since 1957, and owner Wes Simmons has been at it for 25 years. His service is superb, and to keep his loyal customers happy, turnaround time is just a few days. Prices are very reasonable, probably less than a 13-year-old Nike factory worker in Indonesia makes in a whole month. A quality pair of shoes, maintained regularly, can last more than 10 years, says Simmons. How's that for conservative values? -- AM

click to enlarge Best Cheap Haircut - Readers poll winner - Supercuts - SARAH JANE GREISEMER
  • Sarah Jane Greisemer
  • Best Cheap Haircut Readers poll winner Supercuts

Best Dry Cleaner

Readers poll winner

Continental Cleaners
6780 N. Academy Blvd., 531-7130

1043 N. Academy Blvd., 591-7549

1638 S. Nevada Ave., 477-9902

click to enlarge Art With a Pulse deals with the prickly-but-pretty, - making it Best Tattoo Emporium. - CREIGHTON SMITH
  • Creighton Smith
  • Art With a Pulse deals with the prickly-but-pretty, making it Best Tattoo Emporium.


If you're among the legions of shoppers who forget to look for that dreaded "Dry Clean Only" tag before purchasing a new piece of clothing, it's time to heave a sigh of relief. Even if you shun natural fibers and abhor the crinkling of plastic garment bags, there's one thing Continental Cleaners won't offend: your wallet. The Colorado chain has made a name for itself by offering the best prices available. Here in town, the South Nevada location charges $1.50 for any garment, and the two Academy locations are in that ballpark as well. Add to those prices a fast turnaround time and friendly staff, and there's no reason to warily inspect your new clothes' tags ever again. -- BLS

Best Pedicure

Editorial pick

Glamour Salon
Citadel Mall, 750 Citadel Drive, 596-0690

Leave the department store shopping lists behind and plunge your feet into a soothing foot bath instead. Adjust the pulsating, rolling and tapping massage chair, grab a current fashion magazine and forget the world. A pedicure from Glamour Salon in Citadel Mall (second floor, just outside Dillard's) is about more than polished toenails. It's a 50-minute self-indulgence. The calf and foot rub is at least as satisfying as the final aesthetics of well-tended digits. Just walk in and choose from nearly 300 colors. Revitalization for less than a quarter a minute can't be beat. -- KCC

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