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*3:10 to Yuma (R)
A remake of the 1957 western, this solid adaptation of an Elmore Leonard short story stars Christian Bale and Russell Crowe on opposite sides of the law. Jeff Sneider


30 Days of Night (R)
During the darkest month of the year, a small Alaskan town is attacked by a gang of vampires. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Across the Universe (PG-13)
With a soundtrack based on The Beatles songbook and a title and characters named after Beatles' songs, this musical tells a story of love and protest set in the '60s. Not reviewed

Cinemark 16

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (R)
Outlaw gang member Robert Ford (Casey Affleck) both admires and resents the notoriety of anti-hero Jesse James (Brad Pitt). Not reviewed


Balls of Fury (PG-13)
Christopher Walken plays an obviously-not-Chinese Chinese gangster in this ping pong flick and he becomes the walking incarnation of the film's hit-and-miss understanding of what's funny only in theory.

Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

*The Bourne Ultimatum (PG-13)
The third installment in Bourne's story improves upon a franchise that just keeps getting better. The badass with a grudge may be an action-movie staple, but few play it with this kind of resigned, single-minded determination.

Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

The Comebacks (PG-13)
This spoof of sports movies follows an unlucky football coach and his team of misfits who strive to make it to the championships. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

*Elizabeth: The Golden Age (PG-13)
Torture! Intrigue! Sex! Treachery! Holy War! Cate Blanchett in royal drag! Clive Owen in pirate drag! Why don't they teach us history in school like this, full of passion and power and people when they're as mesmerizing and complex as this? MaryAnn Johanson

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

The Game Plan (PG)
A professional football player and confirmed bachelor discovers that he has a 7-year-old daughter as the result of an earlier fling. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

*Gone Baby Gone (R)
The disappearance of 4-year-old Amanda McCready from her bedroom in Dorchester launches the plot of this film. Director Ben Affleck, a Boston native, gathers a terrific cast and crafts a portrait of a world as riveting as it is heartbreaking. Scott Renshaw

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

*Hairspray (PG)
There are sprigs of bitter irony, but, mostly, Hairspray wears its tender heart on its sleeve, singing itself hoarse on chipper tunes about being nice, being in love and being yourself no matter what anyone thinks. MaryAnn Johanson

Picture Show

*Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PG-13)
With an unexpected directorial flair, David Yates has managed to take a blockbuster fantasy and craft a dark, coming-of-age drama. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

The Heartbreak Kid (R)
This comedic remake of 1972's The Heartbreak Kid follows a newlywed man (Ben Stiller) on his honeymoon, where he meets another woman that may be a better fit for him than his new wife. Not reviewed

Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

*Into the Wild (R)
Director Sean Penn thoroughly and satisfyingly retells the tale of Christopher McCandless' wilderness journeys, which author Jon Krakauer first eloquently brought to light in his 1996 best-selling book. Cole Smithey

Kimball's Twin Peak, Tinseltown

The Kingdom (R)
The bombing of Westerners living in Saudi Arabia leads an FBI agent to gather a special team to find the villainous mastermind behind the plot. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Michael Clayton (R)
George Clooney plays a dissatisfied lawyer who "fixes" messy cases for large corporate clients when he encounters his biggest challenge yet. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D (PG)
The 1993 Tim Burton claymation classic about the Halloween King who discovers Christmas Town returns to theaters in 3D.

Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16

No Reservations (PG)
This romantic comedy features Catherine Zeta-Jones as a chef whose high-powered career path is altered when she receives custody of her niece (Abigail Breslin). Not reviewed

Picture Show

Ratatouille (G)
For the most part, Ratatouille marks the first time a Pixar film manages to get only the visual presentation right, while serving up a recipe we've sampled many times before. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

Rendition (R)
A CIA operative witnesses questionable interrogation techniques at a secret prison and begins to doubt his mission. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Rush Hour 3 (PG-13)
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker accidentally get themselves involved with the Chinese Triad crew. Not reviewed

Picture Show

Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (PG)
A 17-year-old girl discovers the house she is staying in while visiting a small town is haunted. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure (NR)
Dolly, a curious dolichorhynchops of the Late Cretaceous period, maneuvers her way through dangerous waters and encounters fellow sea creatures in this computer-animated journey. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16 IMAX

Shrek the Third (PG)
It's ... fine. It's fine. But it's not Shrek. Or Shrek 2. This effort exists on only one level as fluff. MaryAnn Johanson

Picture Show

The Simpsons Movie (PG-13)
Homer Simpson causes a toxic waste spill at the nuclear plant necessitating a potentially permanent evacuation of Springfield. Not reviewed

Picture Show

Stardust (PG-13)
Stardust feels like a stab at transcendent, magical storytelling. Like Frankenstein's monster, it's something that's sewn together from spare parts but without that spark of lightning that would bring it to life. Scott Renshaw

Picture Show

Things We Lost in the Fire (R)
To help him straighten out his life, a widow opens her home to her husband's best friend and he ends up helping her cope with her losses. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

*Transformers (PG-13)
It's busy, it's silly but the Transformers truly are kick-ass movie creations, an amazing combination of organic fluidity and mechanized bulk. Scott Renshaw

Cinemark 16 IMAX, Picture Show

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? (PG-13)
In this adaptation of the stage play, a man's marriage is threatened when a beautiful, young vixen appears in his life. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

We Own the Night (R)
A nightclub manager, the black sheep in a family of New York cops, becomes an informant for the police after his brother is shot. The situation is compelling, but the film doesn't deal well with the people in that situation. Scott Renshaw

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

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