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Re: “2016 Best Of Colorado Springs: Welcome and Winners Index

What determines Gold, Silver and Bronze? How did you rate Tapateria a Silver for gluten free when they have this disclaimer "We are pleased to offer gluten-free dining options, but if you have a serious allergy please know that our small kitchen is not-gluten free" on their menu. Are they gluten free do they offer gluten free food? I don't think so if their kitchen is not gluten free. Not fair to the folks with celiac disease (autoimmune not allergy).

Posted by MSSMITH on 10/31/2016 at 1:20 PM

Re: “UPDATE: ATTN: Cyclists. Tell the city you want these bike lanes.

I'll stand by what I said earlier : "99.95% of drivers are doing a good job of going around the bicycles, with enough clearance, and room for a margin-of-error."
And I'll add that the Bike Lanes prove this. Research Parkway is wide enough for cars and bikes to fit, side-by-side.

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Posted by James Donohue on 10/30/2016 at 10:03 AM

Re: “UPDATE: ATTN: Cyclists. Tell the city you want these bike lanes.

Nearly 900 people who live in the immediate area have signed a petition calling for the removal of these rarely utilized bike lanes that are creating significantly more traffic in our neighborhood, since making turns onto Research without the aid of a light has become so unsafe. Road rage is now a daily issue as well. Only those who live nowhere near here are supporting this because to see it first-hand during rush hour is to see the unsafe conditions that now exist. To join others to tell the city this bike lane execution is a total disaster, visit:…

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Posted by Allen B on 10/29/2016 at 2:36 PM

Re: “Busy ballot, tough choices for Colorado voters

There is an error in the description of the El Paso County Schoold District 20 (Academy) - 3A ballot question. The Independent says that there will be an increase in the mill levy if implemented. The text on the ballot for this question specifically says that there will NOT be an increase in the mill levy. THERE WILL NOT BE AN INCREASE IN TAXES! The proponents of this ballot question are asking for permission to use the taxes collected by the mill levy implemented in 1998 to be used to borrow money to pay for new construction and improvements to educational facilities in the district.

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Posted by Christopher Korch on 10/29/2016 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Political activist asked to resign for not endorsing GOP candidate

The GOP (Grab others Private Parts) is a disaster. Dumber than rocks!

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Posted by Donald T Rump on 10/29/2016 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Falling Starrs

There is so much that is heart breaking about this saga. Starr Kempf was so gifted and making routine pilgrimages to his sculptures is one of the highlights of my life (and pretty much what kept me going the few years I was stranded in that town). I have never seen anything like his work. His vision was unique, oddly functional, and just incredible to see in person. I sadly read years later that he had killed himself, which was a tragedy for the area, his fans, and of course his poor family. But the deterioration of his daughter's mental health combined with her methods of increasing the publicity of his pieces by bringing public bus tours to a private community and provoking fights with neighbors absolutely ruined everything. I don't know what's worse---that they could be removed and shuffled around, exposing them to potential damage; OR to be purchased by a private owner and given a permanent home where the general public would be unable to see them at all. There is just no ending to this situation that isn't crushing. What an incredible loss, and not at all the eulogy his talent deserves.

Posted by Jezebel Proudfoot on 10/29/2016 at 7:47 AM

Re: “Political activist asked to resign for not endorsing GOP candidate

In some places. This is El Paso County, Colorado. The Party tells you what to think and how to vote and who to vote for.

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Posted by Robert Gentry on 10/29/2016 at 6:36 AM

Re: “Political activist asked to resign for not endorsing GOP candidate

I thought that the entire point of allowing people to vote was so they could make a personal choice without conditions or consequences,regardless of their political affiliations. I thought the rules applied to everyone

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Posted by Shannon Simmons on 10/29/2016 at 2:54 AM

Re: “Colorado State Forest Service: Use more local wood

Doesnt anyone realize that wildfires used to keep our forests healthy. Nature could take care of itself just fine. The only reason it is an issue is because nature being natural is inconvenient for people.

Posted by Shannon Simmons on 10/29/2016 at 2:08 AM

Re: “Occupied with guns

How I contact glen capers ? I am a long lost dear friend of his ... thank you

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Posted by ocfitnessguru on 10/28/2016 at 7:51 PM

Re: “Get out and vote, the third debate, death with dignity, and more

William Nat - I read the link, with all of its comments. I have to consider the source. We can all cherry-pick from whatever we choose, but that doesn't mean it has any more credibility than the Disney Channel. You and your fear cannot stop good, honest human beings from choosing when and how to end their suffering. I have done the same for many of my animal companions and I would expect, as a human being, that the same options would be available to me and mine. If you disagree then take the Nancy Reagan approach when it cones your time - "Just say no". The same goes for gay marriage, by the way.

Write the word CHOICE in capital letters - your best block print - and then stand in front of a mirror. Face the paper toward you so it reads correctly; then take the paper and turn it upside down and toward the mirror. Tell me what you see, and what it makes you think.

Posted by Vietnamized on 10/28/2016 at 3:16 PM

Re: “Who has the highest water rates in Colorado?

Somebody has got to pay for the SDS pipeline and it won't be Jenkins or Anschutz.

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Posted by Donald T Rump on 10/28/2016 at 10:17 AM

Re: “City studies financial impacts of developing the Banning Lewis Ranch

I'll cut to the chase. No, this development will not bring prosperity. Horizontal development never does b/c the math doesn't work. It relies on subsidies to survive over multiple life-cycles.
Here's what will happen:
Developers will pay to install all the first generation infrastructure.
The city will collect taxes for 25 years.
Those taxes won't come close to paying for the maintenance and replacement of all the infrastructure that was built in the first generation.
The city will borrow or (gasp) raise taxes to pay for the ongoing maintenance and/or replacement of all that infrastructure.

Colorado Springs already has a model of what works. It's downtown/the Westside/Manitou. It's dense, walkable, based around a grid, and is mixed use. It's adaptable and resilient. It's that way b/c it's based on the way we built places for thousands of years. Incrementally up and incrementally out. It builds individual and community wealth b/c it costs less to build initially and less to maintain over multiple life-cycles.…

9 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by rt on 10/28/2016 at 9:36 AM

Re: “Get out and vote, the third debate, death with dignity, and more

This year, California woman Stephanie Packer was denied treatment because legal suicide was available!…

2 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Willam Nat on 10/27/2016 at 6:17 PM

Re: “Get out and vote, the third debate, death with dignity, and more

Watch what happened to this woman's husband:…

You think this is impossible?

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Posted by Willam Nat on 10/27/2016 at 6:16 PM

Re: “CC grads bike cross-country to challenge voters

I think the CC Catalyst does a great job of being a newspaper catering to that university. I'd like to read a story about some normal people in COS- a pipe fitter- dry wall worker- maybe a CNA- Stein's columns are suffering from lack of scope. Sorry- can't really relate to this story- I would have loved to bike ride across the country after I paid for my own education but I had to get a job and live in the real world. This is becoming a column exemplifying white privileges

0 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by KyleJS on 10/27/2016 at 6:09 PM

Re: “We vote

As luck would have it Andrew both of this elections leading candidates are going to keep you gainfully employed for a long time to come. Hopefully, one day you will realize that being a bullet catcher for the military industrial complex is a pretty crappy way to make a living.

4 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by hippyhelper on 10/27/2016 at 9:37 AM

Re: “We vote

Andy's job includes firing on civilians. Hooray. The military is told to vote fortrump just like new life church...what a joke.

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Posted by chuckypep on 10/27/2016 at 7:53 AM

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