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Norton scalded in another outreach to the tea party

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Republican senatorial frontrunner Jane Norton's outreach efforts to the tea party crowd Tuesday night at Mr. Biggs in Colorado Springs might have gotten her some attention, though maybe not the kind she wanted.

This is from the progressive blog Talking Points Memo:

Appearing at a Tea Party-hosted Republican candidate forum on Tuesday, Norton was asked to name federal programs that she thought were unconstitutional, under the scope of the federal government's enumerated powers, and also whether it was constitutionally permissible for the government to run the Social Security program as it exists now, with the government controlling the money.

"The federal government is fundamentally out of control," Norton answered. "They are seizing control of things like car companies, banks, insurance companies. They're encroaching in areas of education, of the EPA and its endangerment finding, circumventing the rule of law, circumventing legislative processes. They are absolutely out of control. With regard to Social Security, it has turned into a Ponzi scheme. The money that people pay into it should be there for when they are ready to retire."

MSNBC's Ed Schultz features Norton on "Psycho talk," remarking:

SCHULTZ: She thinks Social Security is a ponzi scheme. Notice how that came kind of at the end of her big statement about how liberals are taking over America and we can't turn this thing around. She just got on a roll and really got after Social Security. which has been the most successful and reliable government program for more than 70 years. period. now, watch out Colorado. The woman who wants to be your next senator sounds like she's reading right out of the Michele Bachmann playbook. Norton is courting the crazy book and so far it's working. She is leading the Michael Bennet in a hypothetical matchup. We're going to keep an eye on this one in Colorado because anyone who calls Social Security a ponzi scheme belongs in psycho talk.

You can see full the full video on the Ed Schultz show, or an abbreviated version below:

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