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Mapquest now 'new Mapquest' (UPDATED)

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As you might remember from yesterday (see below), I was less than pleased when Mapquest redesigned its site.

I was used to the old site, and dreaded having to figure out the new one. However, I feel that I must give credit where credit is due, and so I want to add this: Mapquest apparently has some very active customer service people. Or PR people. One way or the other, somebody over at Mapquest wants me to be happy with their site.

And, hey, listen, I've been transferred to call centers in India, and yelled at by waitresses, and given bad instructions by computer technicians, so I've got to say, a little courtesy goes a long way with me these days.

Check out this completely unsolicited message I found in my e-mail inbox today:

Hello Adrian,

My name is Richard, and I am with MapQuest Customer Service. We saw your article and wanted to follow up on the issues you were experiencing. It sounded like you were having problems accessing your previously saved Maps? You should be able to access them using your same My Places credentials in the new interface.

However, as this is a new process and can sometimes be a confusing, we would love to discuss further over the phone. Please feel free to reach me directly at 1-888-895-9014. Also, we would love to hear any additional comments, frustrations, or concerns you may have. We are listening very closely to feedback and want to hear about your experience. Thank you for your time!

Best regards

——- ORIGINAL POST, THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 7:18 A.M. ——-

Apparently in an attempt to look and feel more like Google Maps, Mapquest has redesigned its site and christened it "new Mapquest," annoying the bejesus out of crotchety old farts like me.

All my saved and recently used addresses ... gone in an instant. I will admit that the site now looks like it wasn't designed in the mid-’90s, which may be good for their bottom line. But Mapquest forgot one little thing: The only people left using their site are people like me, who don't care about all the fancy crap and just want reliable directions to wherever it is we're going without having to figure out some new system.

Sorry, Mapquest, but I don't give a crap about finding 50 places within 10 miles where I can buy coffee. I can find a coffee shop all by myself, thank you. And so can any other idiot. They're on every freakin' corner.

There. I said it. I feel so much better now.

If they think they're going to woo me with a fancy new logo, theyve got another thing coming.
  • If they think they're going to woo me with a fancy new logo, they've got another thing coming.

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