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Peggy Littleton channels her inner-Palin

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It can be difficult enough to distinguish oneself in the world of politics. Christine O'Donnell went witchy, and then had to turn it around; (no, I'm you.) She has kept her pitch-perfect Palin impression going, however, and that can only help her, a fact not lost on our own Margaret Littleton.

Peggy's been pulling the sassy-campaigner schtick for a little while now — see here — and it seems she's borrowed one more page from the Wasilla playbook: answers that ... well, are a little hard (read: impossible) to follow.

Case in point: This past week, Littleton was debating her opponent for county commissioner in District 5, Michael Merrifield, when our own Ralph Routon questioned the pair on actions each would take towards medical marijuana, should it not be banned, and should either be elected.


"I think we should follow the example of the city of Colorado Springs — I think they are moving in a positive direction. I think medical marijuana dispensaries should be regulated just like liquor stores; they should be regulated, they should be taxed. Other than that, I think restrictions should be left to ... left alone."

And ... this:


"I believe that if, um ... You know, I don't know what the outcome of the election's going to be, you know, but should it come back where, you know, there isn't the regulation that, um, I think the people of El Paso County ... or that it doesn't pass, I think the people of El Paso County will have spoken loud and clear. We'll have to use really free and, just, innovative solutions to come up and look at this again and say, 'The people of El Paso County said this.' We shouldn't impose any further regulations on, uh, the cannabis industry than what we would on any other industry, like a liquor store, um, as far as how far away it is from schools, um, churches, kids, uh, communities. But one of the things that we do know is that those that are viable business are going to succeed, and the other ones that are not, uh, viable businesses, that aren't following regulations and following the law are going to go to pot — no pun intended. OK."

Now, I know public speaking is hard; hell, I've been doing more of it lately than I've ever wanted to. But somehow, somewhere, an iota of concrete meaning has to be squeezed into most sentences, and I'm just not sure that happened there.

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