Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Somebody say somethin' 'bout a vote?

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That's right, boys and girls: It's only seven days until you are freed from political-ad hell, and get to voice your opinion on the transfer of licensing of games of chance, whether a biological development is actually a person, and the all-important question: "Shall there be an amendment to Section 3 of Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Colorado, concerning a process for temporarily moving the seat of Colorado ..."?

To the last, I say a resounding "No!"


Well, no, OK, that one sounds fine. But the transfer of licensure of games of chance from the Department of State to the Department of Revenue? Ha! That thing's got no chance — not in my household, baby! This is 'Merica, and I'm a 'Merican, and I don't want that backwater of heathen-driven hellish delights known as the DOR to be anywhere near my game license!

So, having said that, I should probably mention that there's some lame thing about a United States senator going on, and probably some governors, and I guess you could say that we might be deciding the future of medical marijuana in our locale, but really — who gives a shit?

Ah, right.

No, you're right. There are a few of you out there with some passing interest in ... whatever it was I mentioned in the previous paragraph. So, if you're of an MMJ mind, here's a list of other places with nothing better to do than attempt to limit a sick person's access to the thing that makes them not spasm uncontrollably.

No, you're right — get that out of my community! Didn't you hear I'm a 'Merican?

The paper probably meant Tax issues and not Tax icsues, but hell — I like this better.
  • The Denver Post
  • The paper probably meant "Tax issues" and not "Tax icsues," but hell — I like this better.

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