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News on Naturally's

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In last week's Side Dish, we told you about Naturally's Health Food Store & Café, which is in the process of moving to Manitou Springs.

We promised updates when contact had been made, which it now has. Check out this Thursday's upcoming Side Dish for more details on the business which owner Ronda Burke shared with me.

Until then, I'll share a photo of Burke and her family as well as a story about the café's history that she forwarded me:

From right to left: Terry and Ronda Burke and their two daughters; Laura and Josh Deck and their son. Ronda and Laura are sisters and the whole family will help out at the new cafe.
  • From right to left: Terry and Ronda Burke and their two daughters; Laura and Josh Deck and their son. Ronda and Laura are sisters and the whole family will help out at the new cafe.


Once we realize we are on this earth as human beings who have bodies, minds and spirits to tend to, many of us wonder what it is we need to live to our fullest and we begin to look for this. Where will we find the truth about our bodies, food for our minds and support for our souls?

I have traveled the world searching, seeking balance, looking for the truth and for the quality things that once found cannot be forgotten. Into churches and stores and books I pushed, wondering. What is this life all about? Why am I here? And while I am here, how can I make it great?

When we wake up to who we really are, we breathe a deeper breath and smile. We consider the silly things we stressed about and wonder how we can save others from such silliness. Maybe. Anyway, I did. The suffering I have endured will pull compassion from my deepest depths until the end of this life. I will always want to pave an easier way for any other
questioning seeker. I will want to provide a space of comfort and quality things that may
inspire another to breathe a deeper breath.

My dream was to build a refuge for body, mind and soul. For mine, initially. For my sister, absolutely. For my girls.

Naturally’s used be called The Whole Kernel. For a spell back in 1980 it was named that, by a woman named Aleta Lutz. A couple years later, the second owner fell in love with the place, bought it and named it “Naturally’s.” Her name was Vicki Roberts and Vicki nurtured this South Padre Island business for the next 15 years until she sold it to Barbara Gonzalez in 1996. Barbara, like the good women before her, loved Naturally’s and kept it alive with her
incredible knowledge of holistic health and the time she spent with each and every
customer. At this time I became one of these customers, having moved to this little island in South Texas to become a school teacher.

I was enthralled by the power certain products in the store possessed. In my studies, I knew how treating ourselves naturally could result in finding cures for many health
problems. I purchased all the good stuff at Naturally’s every week, always grateful that such a store existed on the tiny island we called home.

When my sister Laura began working at Naturally’s, creating in the kitchen with Verena Lane (a woman we must give a nod to here), I began to look closer at what this place could use to make it better, bigger and bring in more customers. I loved the place and I loved my sister who worked in that place. And my sister and I would walk on the beach and discuss our dreams and visions that seemed to pour on us straight from the heavens above.

It was love that made it all happen. I loved Laura and my husband loved me and together we watched as Naturally’s fell into our hands for safe keeping. Since 2004 we have kept it, watched over it, worked for it, celebrated it, supported it and nurtured it with everything we all had. And when we saw that it needed a new, more inspiring environment, this too fell straight onto our path. To Manitou Springs we were called. The spirit of this place spoke to me and I realized this would be our home now.

Our intention is for our customers to find within these walls a refuge of truth and
goodness, in a world that often stands in contrast of this. We desire this space to be a place of deeper breathing, of gratitude and of finding that next something that will help the seeking soul along its path. May we serve you with all that we are and with all the love we have found along our own journeys.

Ronda Burke, Owner of Naturally’s Market & Cafe

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