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Are you being factory farmed?

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Let's talk about the big picture of food for a moment, and about the scary stuff in particular.

No, I'm not talking about the recent union of pizza and cookies in one retail box.

And I'm only partially talking about what's in Taco Bell's meat.

I'm talking more about what Monsanto is up to, and the Organic Consumers Association's respectable resistance.

To place a local emphasis on watching what we eat and voting with our consumer choices, I'm posting an editorial below that was co-written by friends of mine, Bryan and Lois Pratt. He's a local IT consultant and she's a personal trainer; they constructed their own solar thermal sustainable energy home in Woodland Park that continues to see green additions like a high altitude greenhouse. Oh — and they created and raised my pal Ben Pratt, local guitarist extraordinaire.

The question the Pratts are asking is: Are we being factory farmed?

We all know most of the meat, eggs and dairy we consume from animals is raised in a factory. The food they are given is anything but their natural diet. Even if these animals are initially "pasture" raised, after this brief, free-range life, they are brought in from the fields to be fattened up for the market. How are they fattened up? They are fed an unnatural diet of mostly grains; corn and soy. This diet is unsatisfactory to them and it takes many days for them to start eating it. Even "organic" may indicate no antibiotics or hormones were used on the animal and its feed may have been raised "organic" yet it is still an unnatural diet to their systems. Research shows that the quality of the meat, dairy and eggs of animals fed grain is so low, we might as well eat cardboard.

Eat like me ... get the point?
  • Eat like me ... get the point?

Americans are such a melting pot of cultures with no traditional diet of our own. This leaves us vulnerable to any new food fad marketed, enough to make us sick ... and it is. Our human physiology has evolved through 2 million years of incredible body and mental growth. During 99 percent of this time our most revered and sought-after food was high quality fat. I'm not talking about the factory fat produced by men and women in lab coats; i.e. hydrogenated trans fat, oil, margarine. This "Franken-fat" should not even be called fat. How about chronic, toxic waste? (Sorry, I digress.) Our current diet for the past 100-200 years is but the pen's point at the end of our evolutionary line. For an even shorter period of time the industry of big sugar and big corn, with their highly paid clever marketing groups have been telling us something quite different. Fat is bad and we need to follow the USDA food chart. Well folks, the food chart should be called the "Feedlot Chart." By following this chart, we also are indeed being fattened up, yet not for the meat market but for the pharmaceutical and medical markets!

Let's look at some rather recent trends. Sugar has been tied to slavery and still is yet under different terms. Big Sugar has infiltrated itself into the American diet under many disguises, many names and at increasing quantities. We are now sugar burners and are slaves to sugar. Corn, because of its simple molecular structure, has been easily manipulated and perverted into such industrial products as high fructose corn syrup. These corn and sugar mutant manipulations have become prevalent in our grocery stores in such immense quantities only in the past 40 years. Yes, our generation. We can lay the chart showing the increase of sugar/corn/Franken-fat on the chart of the increase of diabetes, obesity and depression. The drugs manufactured for these Top 3 diseases are the top money-making pharmaceutical drugs racking in billions per year for these legal drug dealers. It's not hard to understand how sugar, GMO corn, soy and Franken (laboratory) fats relate to diabetes and obesity but what about depression? Ninety-five percent of serotonin, a body and brain "feel good" neurotransmitter, is manufactured in our gut! If our gut is damaged from eating an unnatural diet, the manifestation of this dis-ease will show up in various forms in different people due to individual sensitives, but the source is the same. Some people get "factory fat." Some, it effects their blood chemistry. Some, their mood, yet it is all related to what is going in our mouths. It is rare to find a conventional doctor who asks you what you are eating. Most will relate you back to the USDA food chart that was originally based on U.S. food surplus, as the proper way to eat. George McGovern oversaw this food pyramid in 1977 and it was not based on scientific research for what keeps humans healthy.

So much of the pollution happening to our air and water we have little control over. When we find we have control over something, we need to celebrate. Our control over what goes between our lips is something we need to celebrate in a big way. This is a political statement due to the fact that our government subsidizes the production of feed for factory farms. Let us celebrate with our own civil disobedience and refuse to buy our food blindly. Buy grass-fed and grass-finished meat, eggs and dairy only. Drastically reduce your funding of big sugar and big corn, big pharmaceuticals and big medical by saying NO to refined sugar, GMO corn (in all its various forms) and NO to all laboratory fats and oils.

There is no human dietary requirement for carbohydrates contrary to what we are taught. What our bodies need in carbohydrates is manufactured by the body without ingesting them. We are what we eat. We also are what we eat, eats. It is time to step out of this factory food experiment, this American, industrial, human factory farming! We know the results. Consuming big sugar and big corn leads to big pills and big bills!

For much more information on observing a Paleo Diet by trimming or cutting sugars from your diet and incorporating "good fats" in their place, visit Bryan's website, Fat Burner's Café.

And watch this amusing video segment too:

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