Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gang of Four dominates mayoral race

Posted By on Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 8:25 PM

With just two months to go until the municipal election, and less than six weeks until the ballots are mailed out, the mayoral race may have be turning into a four-man contest.

The “Gang of Four” — Steve Bach, Brian Bahr, Buddy Gilmore, and Richard Skorman — have each raised enough money to wage serious, powerful campaigns. And while Bahr and Gilmore have nothing like the extensive donor networks that have boosted Bach and Skorman, they’ve both anted up enough money personally to stay competitive.

The scorecard so far:
Steve Bach
Total raised: $116,611
In bank now: $60,739
Notable donors: Steve Bach $24,000 (loan), Broadmoor Hotel $5,000, Steve Bartolin $1,000, Bill Hybl $1,000, Phil Winslow Motors $1,000, Joe Clement $1,000

Brian Bahr
Total raised: $228,000
In bank now: $123,508
Notable donors: Brian Bahr $100,000 (contribution), Brian Bahr $100,000 (loan), Kaycee LLC $5,000, Randy Geving $1,000, Gary Erickson $2,500.

Buddy Gilmore
Total raised: $113,135
In bank now: $96,536
Notable donors: Buddy Gilmore $110,000 (loan), Brad Parsley $250, Joe Woodford $1,000.

Richard Skorman

Total raised: $123,500
In bank now: $83,000
Notable donors: Richard Skorman $10,000 (loan), Amy Divine $500, Ann Bradley $1,000, Bruce Wright $500, Dick Noyes $1,000, Gary Feffer $1,000, Jim Null $1,000.

Skorman’s campaign, fueled by hundreds of small donors, clearly has the ability to raise whatever is necessary. Bach’s donors are fewer in numbers, but have notably deep pockets. Neither Bahr nor Gilmore has raised significant money other than from themselves, so unless they can turn things around in a hurry, they’ll have to keep writing checks.

Early entrant Dave Munger, once the front-runner, has stalled. His campaign is now virtually broke, with only $6,900 in the bank. Unless he’s willing to write the campaign a big check, he’s toast. Significantly, the campaign reimbursed Munger for $7,660 in expenditures made on the campaign’s behalf since he entered the race in May. If he were serious about continuing, he might have converted his personal expenditures into a contribution. That he declined to do so sends a discouraging message to supporters.

Tom Gallagher has raised only $3,500, including $2,000 from Mining Exchange Hotel developer Perry Sanders. Gallagher’s quirky, eccentric persona has made him a lot of friends, but it seems unlikely that he can prevail against the heavy artillery that will soon be deployed by the Gang of Four.


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