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Lamborn: Most conservative man alive?

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Conservatives are the great defenders of the American Family. And in Colorado's congressional delegation, there is no greater defender of the American Family than Rep. Doug Lamborn. Therefore, there is no greater conservative in Colorado than Lamborn — so says the Family Research Council Action and CitizenLink.

Red, red, red.

(And FRC should know conservatism. Remember when they totally blew up the Top 10 Myths about homosexuals?)

FRC and CitizenLink (an arm of Focus on the Family) reached this conclusion by ranking every member of Congress based "16 votes in the House and 24 votes in the Senate from 2009 to the August 2010 recess."

The votes recorded here are only part of our effort to protect the family. Only through your help as informed and active constituents working with us in contacting your Representatives and Senators on pro-family issues, can we defend traditional, pro-family policies in Washington. There is no greater asset in the battle to preserve the American family than an involved citizenry. Thank you for joining us in our defense of the family. We cannot do it without you.

What they found was that Lamborn voted with FRC and CitizenLink 100 percent of the time! Like Joe "You Lie!" Wilson and the sole legislator in Wyoming!

Colorado's Rep. Mike Coffman came close to this perfect record, but broke ranks on the vote to "establish federal 'hate crimes' for certain violent acts based on actual or perceived race, religion, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation of any person."

(Sidenote: poor Rep. Chris Lee, the now-disgraced Congressman from New York, only voted with FRC on 93 percent of the votes. He fell short on the hate crimes bill, too.)

What were the votes that FRC et al considered such a threat to the American family? Here, take a look at them for yourself. They include the standard anti-homosexual legislation and anti-abortion legislation.

Also considered pro-family were No votes on bills to extend the definition of hate crimes, on the passage of the Health Care Act, on a vote to expand campaign finance transparency, and a yay vote for a bill that "would prohibit funding for any program which distributes sterile needles or syringes for the hypodermic injection of any illegal drug."

Go, family?

Also, they counted voting against the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, because, you know, openly gay soldiers poses a huge threat to your family. Somehow, they do.

The Family Research Council Action and CitizenLink are honoring Congressman Doug Lamborn as a “True Blue” Member of Congress for his unwavering commitment to the family.

Congressman Lamborn scored a 100 percent rating from FRCAction, the highest score in the Colorado delegation.

The award honors Members of Congress who have exhibited extraordinary leadership and commitment to the defense of family, faith, and freedom, according to the scorecard produced by FRCAction and CitizenLink that covers the votes of the 111th Congress. Recipients of the “True Blue” Award voted consistently in defense of pro-life and pro-family issues.

These votes included:

DC Abortion Funding Ban
Prevent Expansion of Hate Crimes Definitions
Prohibit Federal Funding for Abortion in Health Care
Prevent Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Restrict Funding to Planned Parenthood
Protect Free Speech in Elections
Prohibit Funding for Needle Exchange Programs

"Members of the 111th Congress who receive this award have shown themselves to be consistent defenders of faith, family and freedom,” said FRCAction President Tony Perkins. “I applaud these Members for upholding the institutions of marriage and family, and protecting life, while also taking a firm stand against the government takeover of health care and voting to protect our troops from a liberal social agenda.”

“Families are the cornerstone of our society. I believe it is the moral duty of every elected official, at every level of government, to promote policies that will strengthen home and family. I thank the Family Research Council for their work to protect America’s families.” — Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

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