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Barter for Jermaine Rogers posters

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Former Manitou Springs resident and gallery operator Jermaine Rogers — famous for his rock posters, which I wrote about here — will host an interesting online barter session this weekend.

According to his newsletter, pasted in its entirety below, Rogers will trade rare prints, test prints, defaced prints and more for items like comic books, other artists' posters, books, music, DVDs and other odd items in which he might find interest.

So, fanboys, raid your garages, basements and closets.

Little secret between us: Jermaine loves old Barbie dolls — I saw a bunch when I visited his Manitou apartment. (Not really, but hey — it's worth a shot. See what he'll trade you.)


Hey Everyone.

Well, I mentioned a few weeks ago that we would try a little experiment involving bartering. Now is the time.

Now, at some point, I'm going to release a poster edition that is totally 'barter only': no money will be able to buy them. The only way you'll be able to snag one is through trading me something for it...and that 'something' could be anything, as long as it appeals to me.

To start off, though, we're going to have a little preliminary barter session on my Facebook Fan Page:

THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 20th AT 3:00 PM EASTERN (12 NOON PACIFIC) I will list a variety of rare items. Some of these items will be rare prints, test and defaced prints, progressive proof sets, and even some defaced vinyl figures.

Now, due to many requests, about half of these items will be for sale... as many folks just don't have anything to trade, and we want to give those money-bound people a shot at something. But the other half of the items will be TRADE ONLY. I will upload a picture and description of each item on the Facebook Fan Page. If you see something you like, then you email me with your 'offer'. If it strikes me as something I'd like, we'll do the trade.

Start making a list of things you have that you'd be willing to part with:

Posters (they don't have to be 'Jermaine' pieces), books, magazines, comics, toys, knick-knacks, doo-dads, etc. etc...

What do you have around your place that you'd gladly trade to for something new, something different, something you want RIGHT NOW a bit more?

These things don't have to have a defined 'value'... Only something that you feel I might enjoy...the way you do/once did/thought you would.

It could be a set of paperback books that you've read and have hung onto.

Could be that old poster that you have duplicates of.

Or that old box of toys you've kept in the basement. Maybe it's your old box of past issues of JUXTAPOZ that you realize you don't really read anymore.

Or 5 or 6 DVD's that you don't really watch anymore. old concert T's for bands you've 'outgrown'? a box of CD's that you long since converted to MP3's.

Don't send me any trade lists now: save them for Sunday...when you propose your trades. The first acceptable trade I see for an item takes that item out of the running. Don't be pissed at me if I don't accept your trade offer. You can always try again. ;)

What am I partial to? Oh, I like a bit of everything. Study my artwork. you'll see a lot of what I love in there. Oh sure, I like toys and comics, posters and music, books, books, and more books. But there's more. Don't think in terms of monetary value as much as what might be valuable to ME & YOU. You'll find that you do have real assets...some that you may never even pay attention to anymore. You don't always need a fat wallet.

What is certain art 'worth'? Is it easily traceable on EBAY or some poster price guide? Well, on this day, it'll be worth exactly what we say it is. One trade at a time."

We look forward to seeing how the 'Barter Event' goes. It should be lots of fun.

Remember: Sunday, March 20th at 3:00PM Eastern (12 Noon Pacific) at

Bring those trade lists!

'Live Suspiciously.'
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