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God for 2012

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People find comfort and guidance in their religious beliefs. Good for them. Who would want to deny anybody the religious assistance that they need? Reminds me of something Kurt Vonnegut said in Slaughterhouse 5, that growing up an atheist isn't a remarkable loss, because you don't know what it is you lost. But having faith and then losing it, he wrote, was "too much to lose."

And so it seems that there are people in Congress, and in state houses all across the country, who think that the United States has lost its faith in the Christian God. They think that that is a real tragedy. One of those people is Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado Springs.

The problem is that this country — as a legal entity — hasn't lost its faith in the Christian God because it is not a Christian country — and it never has been. (A bloody, bigoted, intolerant country wielding religion as its weapon? At times, yup.)

It doesn't matter to Lamborn. He is a supporter of bringing his private, religious life to work with him in Congress. "We need this kind of revival, of people turning back to God," says the congressman in a video prepared by the Virginia Christian Alliance in support of its Call to Prayer Day.

The video isn't as long as it seems. The last five minutes is just a still with the information about the Virginia Call to Prayer Day (which has passed), so you should watch it.

The Virginia Christian Alliance "are advocates for the Godly principles upon which this nation was founded. Our mission is to protect, defend and reclaim our nation's Christian Heritage." Its honorees include Jerry Falwell and James Dobson. From its website:

While non-denominational ... We believe Jesus is completely different from the founders of other religions and He cannot be listed with nor compared to the founders of Hinduism, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, etc. He is above and supreme to all man-led organizations and churches. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to God the Father except through Him.

Lamborn is joined by a number of fellow elected in Congresss, such as Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann, in this call to prayer. They claim that they are incapable of making rational financial decisions and upholding the Constitution without suborning our nation to their God.

Reminds me of another call to prayer...

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