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Picking up the Pace

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Sal Pace, the Colorado House minority leader from Pueblo, has been out on the road. Meeting the peeps, shaking the hands, trying to get a feel for the 3rd Congressional District that he is looking to represent.

To do so, he's gonna have to unseat freshman Republican Scott Tipton.

Pace has been keeping us abreast of his travels, what he's learned, how his platform is shaping up. In his latest missive, he's now asking people to kick him 50 bucks. U.S. House campaigns aren't cheap. According to Open Secrets, the average cost for the freshmen House candidates in 2008 (a long time ago) was $1,780,834.

Below is Pace's full message, including the link to his tip jar in case you're feeling generous.

Some people in Congress are more concerned with pushing their agendas instead of focusing on practical solutions to the problems affecting our country. Such political posturing comes at a cost to our communities. Coloradans want a different approach, and that's why I'm running for US Congress.

Since I announced my candidacy, I've been touring Colorado's Third Congressional District. I've met with ranchers and with business leaders, with rafters and with small business owners and they all agree on one thing: they want an effective and transparent government that implements commonsense approaches to solve our problems.

Tomorrow, June 30th is a critical financial reporting deadline and we need to send the message that we want practical solutions! We are so close to our quarterly financial goal - and it has been less than a month since announcing my candidacy.

Can you donate $50 right now and help us reach it?

Divisive rhetoric will only hinder our country's progress.

I base my values on balanced and common-sense approaches. My record in the State Legislature speaks to this.

I placed limits on travel expenses by state-chartered entities after Colorado's worker's compensation insurer flagrantly abused public money for lavish travel expenditures.

I passed legislation to address water quality in one of the district’s most polluted rivers; and created a new law to protect the ranchers in the Pinon Canyon area.

Commonsense approaches like these focus on bettering our communities at home, and not one's standing inside that beltway.

I need your support to change how politics is being done in DC. Can you donate now and help our campaign?

I am going to continue the battle against political maneuvering in DC and bring the conversation back to where it belongs - our dinner tables, our neighborhoods, and our communities; however, I will need your help. The June 30th deadline is less than 48 hour away. Can you donate $50 to ensure we have the resources to reach your community in July?

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