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The GOP 'mal-contents'

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On Facebook, some of her supporters have changed their profile picture.
  • Anderson's supporters flying their flags on Facebook.

This coming Thursday, July 7, the El Paso County Republican Party will be holding a meeting of its executive committee from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at their headquarters, 205 Sutton Lane.

Early word is that personnel matters will be on the agenda.

It's not a far leap to assume what these personnel matters might be, and supporters of Sarah Anderson have already begun to mobilize.

From their Support Sarah! Facebook page:

We need to show up in support of Sarah at this meeting. The old guard GOP and the county chair are trying to remove her from office because she is dividing the party too much. Lets show these pandering establishment fools that WE THE PEOPLE support people in office who STAND ON PRINCIPALS AND HAVE INTEGRITY.

About 20 people have signed up so far.

Her opponents, the displeased "old guard GOP," have begun to mobilize as well. A number of e-mails have been circulating among party leaders who are calling for something, anything, to be done about the brash party secretary.

The latest elected official to join the ranks of the displeased appears to be Rep. Larry Liston, of House District 16. Anderson has been forwarded multiple copies of two e-mails that Liston appears to have sent to members of the executive committee.

She posted them on her Facebook page (which can be accessed by "Friends" only).

Asked about the e-mails, Liston replies, "I have no comment. I don't know what Sarah Anderson is doing. I hardly know her. I haven't talked to Sarah Anderson at all. I would be reluctant to make a comment about anything on her Facebook page."

However, he says, e-mails among the executive committee members ought to kept private. "I would respect and honor the communications of people on the executive committee."

On her Facebook page, Anderson, who is a member of the executive committee, notes: "As this was sent in an email to the Executive Committee, I feel confident in my ability to post this here. Maybe it's a good thing I'm no longer in HD16."

Anderson also says that she has been forwarded Liston's emails from people who aren't members of the executive committee, which means that there has already been a breach of privacy.

Plus, she adds, that as an elected official, Liston ought to be held to a higher standard. "What he is doing is more divisive," she argues. "I am very proud to say that I am no longer in his House district."

Liston's first email:

Hello {sender},

Thanks for your cogent comments. As a lifelong REPUBLICAN, and a Colorado State Representative, I too am very disturbed and upset about the recent events Emanating from a few people on on our executive committee, most notably a couple of people. I'm sure you and others know who they are. I can assure you that there will be strong discussions in our county executive comm. in the very near future.
I would strongly encourage you and other like-minded rational Republicans to let Those of us on the executive know of your feelings as well. We have a serious problem With some people in leadership who are not showing good judgment or leadership!

Thank you for your interest and concern.

And his second:


I am fully on board! What is going on is GROSS INSUBORDINATION and a concerted effort to take over our party by mal-contents!!!!! These people will Kill our local party and I for one will not stand by idly as they try and do so!!

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