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GOP chairman releases emails with Sarah Anderson

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El Paso County Chairman Eli Bremer
  • El Paso County Chairman Eli Bremer

Below we have an email conversation between three people, Eli Bremer, Sarah Anderson, and John Buckley: The El Paso County Republican Party chairman, party secretary and a lawyer working for the party, respectively.

The emails were released to us by Bremer.

The point of the conversation was to produce a statement by the party secretary guided by terms that were laid out in a closed-door session of the party's executive committee on July 7. We reported that this statement must signal her support for the party's bylaws as well as rally her supporters under the GOP's banner. Further, it was stated that she could, as a sign of contrition, apologize to anyone that she might have offended with her press exposure.

Yesterday, Anderson released her official statement, in which she said that the executive session — an hours-long meeting of the party's governing body — was a witch hunt with a predetermined outcome, and that the chairman ordered that the proceedings of this "witch hunt" were to be held strictly confidential, casting doubt on Bremer's earlier statement that the executive committee was in unanimous support of confidentiality. She called Bremer's donor-directed fund a pay-to-play scheme, and criticized his willingness to disregard the party's bylaws "when convenient."

In short, this was not the contrite letter that the executive committee had anticipated.

In response, Bremer has released the emails that were traded back and forth in respect to the drafting of the original letter. He has requested that we remove Buckley from the thread, as "John Buckley is our attorney and his information is typically protected as long as he is acting in that function. I also don't think his comments are relevant as Sarah addressed me."

Bremer has released the emails, he says, because "they are of direct importance and contradict her statements."

Yesterday, Anderson told us that she was told that her first draft wasn't good enough, and that "nothing short of an apology would have been good enough ... and I have nothing to apologize for."

Bremer contends that an apology wasn't being insisted upon, just an acknowledgement that some people were hurt.

Here's the conversation:

On July 9, Anderson sent Bremer an email with the subject line "Statement draft" with the draft attached.

The draft was forwarded on to Buckley by Bremer, and Bremer wrote back to Anderson on the 10th, with the subject line now changed to "Agreed Statement draft?":


I would concur with that. It is a good statement, but I think sticking to the what you proposed on Thursday is important. Your suggestions as to what a statement would entail were good, and I would suggest referring back to your agreed upon outline.

Anderson replied two days later:


I appreciate your kind response. It was a very long and emotionally charged night and there were so many things said, some accusations and rumors discussed by the Executive Committee during the over three and a half hours we were in there—frankly, it was overwhelming to most of us and certainly for me. Can you please remind me what specifically was in the motion that passed by the majority of the committee? I wrote the statement I submitted to you to the best recollection I had of what was requested of me in the motion.

Thank you,


And Bremer's same-day response:


Your suggestion that the Executive Committee agreed was a good idea was to add a statement that acknowledged people had been hurt. I do not believe it addressed culpability as such, rather acknowledging that there had been some level of pain caused during the preceding events.

You also suggested to encourage your supporters to support and join with the Party as we move forward together to achieve common goals.

Also, since we seem to be making solid progress on this, let's shoot for a release tomorrow or if you and I can get this sorted out to all to satisfactory levels.

I applaud your efforts on this and encourage you to speak from your heart. Something like this can make a tremendous difference in healing wounds on all sides and help everyone move forward together supporting the values we all share.

Thanks for your time and effort on this.


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