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Oh boy! Another freakin' election

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Boy, oh boy, these elections sure do sneak up on you.

Can you believe that the next election is less than four months away? I know, it just fills you with patriotism and dread, doesn't it? All those commercials and pamphlets and articles and petitioners. Douglas Bruce all flustered about (fill in the blank). Arguments among county commissioners. Political-party chest-pounding.

Ugh. On second thought, forget the patriotism. I'm really just feeling dread.

But listen, you and I both know that it's our responsibility as American citizens to pay attention to these things and make informed decisions by voting. Speaking of which, if you've been lax in your responsibilities as of late, you will soon be asked to step up to the plate via a little mailer that asks you to update your voter registration.

Word to the wise: Do it NOW. Seriously. If you put it off and it gets buried in your mail, and then, before you know it, it's a few days before the election, and the kids are sick with snotty noses, and the dog ripped up the couch, and your stupid boss wants you to take over someone else's project, and your in-laws are in town, and now, now, you have to jump through like a gagillion hoops to register ... well, you'll remember this little message. And you'll think, "Why didn't I just do it then?"

You know I'm right.


July 18, 2011 — Colorado Springs, CO — Did you vote in the 2010 General Election? If you answered “no” and you haven’t updated your voter status, the Clerk & Recorder’s Office will be sending you a Voter Information Card (VIC) within the next few days. This card will give voters an additional opportunity to update and reactivate their voter record in order to receive a ballot for the 2011 Coordinated Election.

Any registered voter who failed to vote in last year’s General Election was changed from “active” to “inactive” status. While the individual remains registered to vote but, the voter is no longer considered active. Notice was sent to all affected individuals in February and the mailing later this week will provide a second opportunity to activate. A registered voter who is “inactive” will not receive a Ballot for November’s Coordinated Election by mail. Inactive voters must update their information on or before October 3, 2011, in order to have a Mail Ballot delivered to their home. Voters have three methods of updating in order to reactivate their status:
Go online to www.GoVoteColorado.com (requires a valid Colorado Driver’s License or ID).
Return the completed VIC to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office by mail, fax or email.
Come into one of the three Clerk & Recorder’s Office locations.

“Our office wants to ensure that every eligible elector is provided the opportunity to cast a ballot in this year’s mail ballot election while being prudent and cost effective with the taxpayers’ dollars. It is less expensive to mail every inactive voter a Voter Information Card than to mail them a ballot. Also, if we mailed all of them a ballot we would run the risk of mailing ballots to voters who are no longer at the address listed on our voter rolls,” said Clerk Wayne Williams.

The Voter Information Card has been improved, as it now provides voters additional information for contacting their elected officials. Previously, only the district numbers were provided. “We wanted the Voter Information Card to be just what it is stated to be — informational. Now, the cards will provide the voter with the names of their elected officials and how to contact them,” stated Wayne Williams.

For additional information, contact Alissa Vander Veen at AlissaVanderVeen@elpasoco.com or 719-351-9626. More election information is available at http://car.elpasoco.com/Election/Pages/default.aspx.

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