Thursday, August 18, 2011

(Flower) tension on South Tejon

Posted By on Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Yeah, tension!

Or, kind of tension. It's more like, uh, heightened emotion driven by a sense of injustice. Or maybe just irritation — it could just be irritation.

Either way, yesterday the Indy received a call from Blue Star/Nosh/La'au's Taco Shop owner Joseph Coleman, who said he was about to be arrested by the Colorado Springs Police Department. The PD had apparently received a complaint that a row of sunflowers was impeding the sight lines of drivers turning from a side street near the church parking lot across from the Blue Star, and that Coleman refused to remove them.

Well, I was actually just leaving an interview at the restaurant, so I was called into duty; there was shit in search of a fan, citizens were in need of intrepid journos to take pictures of oppression at the hands of The Man, and armed with a cell phone camera and pen and paper as I was, I was just the guy for the, erm, mission.

Except Coleman wasn't being arrested. The official city representative was a code enforcement officer, and Coleman wasn't even being cited. He was being asked to cut down the line of sunflowers, or else ... nothing. A court summons, maybe.

The restaurateur was pissed because he felt unjustly acted against in his attempt to beautify the area, while the code enforcement officer, a retired cop, did have a case. The sunflowers really were blocking the hell out of the road.

When we left it, Coleman planned to flambé the flowers in fit of pique sometime around Aug. 27. So if you see a rolling fireball smelling something like roasting sunflower seeds, there's no need to call the cops — they already know.

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