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Colorado's blue-ing

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The People's Press Collective, a website situated right on the political spectrum, has put out an interesting analysis of voter rolls starting back from 2004.

Working from the conclusion that in Colorado there are 12 "battleground" districts, its numbers appear to support a much-hyped trend to the left. While it might not always feel this way to embattled local Dems, the times appear to be changing.

Let's skip to the conclusion:

If you’re looking for another reason why Colorado has turned to the left politically, tilting from red to blue since 2004, these statistics demonstrate that shift in no uncertain terms.

The results are staggering. The percentage of Republican voters has dropped from November 2004 to July 11 in all 12 counties.

The overall percentage of Democratic voters has risen in 9 of 12 counties, including traditionally Democratic territory but also in counties once considered Republican strongholds.

The blog post, which is here and that if you are wonkish at all you might wanna read, deals with the numbers in each specific county.

Here is the analysis of El Paso County:

El Paso County, the home of Focus on the Family and Colorado Springs, the conservative answer to Boulder’s liberal mantle, has also not been able to maintain the vaunted leads it once gave Republicans. Statewide GOP candidates look to El Paso to offset losses in Denver, but the number of Republican voters here has dropped slightly, while Democrats have added a modest number of voters to their totals. Unaffiliated voters have jumped by double digits (18,000), and the bright red county has dimmed a bit since 2004.

Dem Rep UAF
2004 21.8 46.4 31.5
2006 21.0 46.5 32.2
2008 22.8 44.4 32.2
2010 22.6 43.3 33.4
2011 22.2 42.7 34.3

Also, make sure to read the comments, as there is at least one reader who strongly doubts the "instructive" quality of these numbers.

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