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What to discuss at an unofficial official meeting?

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David Williams, the El Paso County Republican Party vice-chair, has sent out the final agenda for the Executive Committee meeting on Sept. 12 in an email signed by himself and party secretary Sarah Anderson.

He does this despite claims from the party's chair and the party's attorney that the meeting will not be official. Williams is clearly unimpressed.

Slated as new business: discussions over the controversial donor-directed fund and the budget, as well as what information ought to be released to the public from the July 7 executive session.

Also, they will be discussing the fact that Williams and Anderson claim to have been locked out of the party's database by chairman Eli Bremer. According to Anderson, Williams has been locked out because he refuses to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and she has been locked out because, well, Bremer doesn't feel he can trust her.

According to Bremer, the database "is a tool used by our party for the purpose of electoral success for Republican candidates and to assist in conducting our internal business." Without addressing Anderson and Williams directly, he adds, "in order to secure private information of tens of thousands of people, protect our information from improper use, and ensure that the database is secure and available for legitimate users and campaigns, we have eliminated all open and unaccountable access to the database. This includes restrictions on everyone, including me and the other three officers, regarding our usage. Everyone now must go through the proper access and demonstrate a legitimate purpose to access or manipulate information. This is a departure from our past database management practices where access was based on who you knew and information was indiscriminately used and distributed. Today, legitimate users have the full access they need to use the database while securing the property of the Party and the private information that we keep there." (emphasis ours)

Williams sent this agenda out to the executive committee as well as to the party's Central Committee, which is made up of hundreds of county Republicans — all invited.

It is important that you attend and participate in this meeting. The major items to be discussed are the budget and the Donor Directed (Advised) Fund. The committee will not have another chance to discuss the issues on the attached agenda because Chairman Eli Bremer does not wish to discuss them for the meeting scheduled on 26 September 2011.


In the e-mail to the committees, Williams included a few questions to ponder. The questions, which reference documents that have not been released publicly, shed a little light on the concerns that he and Anderson share regarding the donor-directed fund and the budget.

On her Facebook page, Anderson is stating that she has the documents he refers to and will provide them upon request.

Is there sufficient oversight by the Executive Committee over the Donor Directed (Advised) Fund based off the documents provided?

Is our current budget proper considering the deficit it projects and many blank lines (including, most immediately, the Caucus and Assemblies line item)?

Why is the Central Committee General Fund obligated to “paying for all operational costs” of the Donor Directed (Advised) Fund?

How is the Donor Directed (Advised) Fund’s membership open to the public if the Chairman decides the initial membership, and then additional members are selected by a Steering Committee with the criteria that all members are “large financial donors?”

Why does the Donor Directed (Advised) Fund need separate bylaws apart from our county party bylaws?

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