Thursday, September 15, 2011

UPDATE: New Twitter account skewers local TV, everybody else

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Pappas e-mailed us this statement this morning:

There are a number of people, whether it be a competitor's agenda or just a person who likes to spoof others, that might invest time in creating a fake account with our name. There are thousands of spoof accounts, likely hundreds locally. It's an established part of today's open and social web, the more attention you give it, the more it spreads and gains awareness. We don't like TheFakeKOAA, but we won't fight it. It's satire, which has long been protected speech.


I know what you're thinking: "Do these crazy kids ever write about anything other than Twitter?" But you know what? No, we don't. So the beat rolls on. (See yesterday's top local twitterati here.)

So today brings the debut of my favorite thing all day: The Fake KOAA.

The account became sentient at 11:26 a.m. this morning. Here's its second tweet: "TONIGHT AT 5: Checking to see what other stations are leading with, then we'll let you know." This continued with, "We don't have time to write this story, so read it from our competition, @KKTV11News" and, "We have 11 followers, which is officially more viewers than the local Fox station. #winning."

Things have since gotten a little racier:


We e-mailed KOAA general manager Evan Pappas to see if he'd like to comment, or even cares; no response back yet. In the meantime, we did reach the masked bandit, who's currently hoping "you'll join us for 'Springs' Hottest DILF' this weekend at Chapel Hills mall" and offered this e-mailed statement:

The only murder we'll cover is the death of fashion in southern Colorado. An outsider, looking in, uncovering the stories that local Springs media won't cover, uncover, fold back up or even help re-rack at the Old Navy off Academy. The only harm we'll cause is attempting to be funny.

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Speaking of The Fake KOAA, Evan Pappas


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