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How do you feel about Occupy?

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Occupy Colorado Springs holds a revocable permit to maintain their protest in Acacia Park. According to a press release from the city on Oct. 21, the day that the permit was issued, the revokable nature of the permit is necessary because "the location is immediately next to a favorite gathering spot for children and families as well as being adjacent to a high school. The City thinks it is important to assess whether the protestors are having a negative impact on children and families in the community. It is a high-use area for the entire community, recreationally and commercially for retailers and small businesses."

As we found at the general assembly we reported on for this week, the permit is an issue of concern for many of the protesters. Some see it as a unique legitimacy they has kept them from getting arrested, or worse, by the cops. Others see it as an acquiescence as their rights to peacefully assemble are trampled upon.

Since it is revokable, and the city is monitoring public opinion, we thought that we ought to check in with the mayor's office and see what they've been hearing. From the city's chief communications officer, Cindy Aubrey:

The number of calls, e-mails and one fax that we have a record of is 64 total. We received 26 positive comments about the movement and 38 negative comments. Some merely indicated that the group has a right to protest, but the City needed to enforce the rules not to camp.

So while the negatives are winning, this is still a far-from-definitive verdict. If you want to support OCS' right to protest in our lovely park, or if you feel like complaining, give Mayor Steve Bach a call at 385-5900.

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