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Trouble in the bathtub

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It's a bit confusing for someone who came to identify the modern conservative movement with the likes of Dick CheneyGeorge W. Bush, but apparently there are people in the Republican Party who don't like Grover (drown the government in the freaking bathtub) Norquist.

And his scheduled appearance El Paso County here in El Paso County has caused some controversy.

Sunday, an email from someone going by the name of "Madison Hamilton" was sent to a large number of the county's active Republicans. The gist?


The last guest of the El Paso County Republican Party, former White House Machiavelli Karl Rove, drew some controversy, as well as a protest, when he spoke at the Lincoln Day Dinner in June.

The EPC GOP just can't win.

Madison Hamilton's entire letter on the Norquis issuet:

El Paso County Republicans,


Norquist is no friend of Israel or our party. It is a shame that Chairman Eli Bremer would sully the name of one of our great republican presidents by hosting this person. Please do not contribute to the local party by attending this event. Ask for a refund if you have already paid. Send a message to Chairman Bremer and Norquist that our party does not support ideologies that seek the destruction of our civil liberties and the freedom of religion.

Below are some links illustrating the facts concerning Grover Norquist:

Additionally, our county party is currently suffering from dysfunction at the hands of party leadership. There are major issues concerning transparency and honesty regarding how the local party conducts business. Please stop all contributions to the local party. Please only contribute to individual candidates or committees that have demonstrated integrity and competence. Our former secretary, Sarah Anderson, was forced out because she dared to stand up for our party principles. Sadly, this marginalization of grassroots volunteers continues under the current leadership.

Madison Hamilton

Eli Bremer, the chair of the county Republican party, and Bill Roy, the party's chief operating officer, were both not too pleased with this email, or that it was sent to the entire list of county Republicans.

They sent out an email in response:

Barack Obama Will Win The Election in 2012 . . . .

IF you're like me, that sentence is a sharp kick in the stomach. But it could be America's fate IF:

IF we listen to naysayers who spew negativisms and drivel designed to destroy rather than strengthen Republicans.

IF we fall subject to the suppression by anonymous idiots who want you to sit down rather than stand tall.

IF we enable the fainthearted few to undermine the bold efforts of the Party with their aspersions and lies.

IF we accept misinformation about good Republicans, as if selected web links were mainlines to truth.

IF we stand idly by while liberals and progressives elbow their way past us to the ballot box.

IF we shrink from craven cowards who resort to slander in order to deter us from our plan for victory.

IF the thought of Barack Obama winning in 2012 riles you as much as it does me, then don't be IFy-don't succumb to the "IF"s above.

You probably received an email from the pseudonym "Madison Hamilton" earlier today. That email arrived in your box via a stolen database and is a perfect example of the "IF" attacks displayed above. What can you do?

Think for yourself.
Choose unity and progress.
Stand up to those who would bring you down.
And certainly attend the Reagan Gala.

Chairman Eli Bremer and I are annoyed at these intrusions into your email, but we're working steadfastly to move forward in a unified effort to shore up passionate and committed citizens like you so that we can win back OUR AMERICA. We very much appreciate your support in this valiant and critical cause. Thank you.

Bill Roy
Chief Operating Officer

Please read the following message from Chairman Bremer concerning these "IF" attacks.

Dear El Paso County Republicans:

It's one year to the day before the 2012 Election.

I'm saddened that I can't deliver the message of encouragement I had planned. Earlier today, many of you received an anonymous email with slanderous accusations against the El Paso County Republican Party. We don't respond to cowardly attacks by those who hide behind nameless emails, so we will not address those numerous smears and lies.

Our Party database was stolen last year. As a result I restricted all access to the Party database shortly after I was elected this February. This action-action taken to protect you-was denounced as some sort of political power play. Since then, unfortunately, my worst concerns of malicious intent with Party property have come to fruition.

The individual or group behind this attack has worked for months to undermine our preparations for the 2012 Elections. We strongly suspect this is a withering faction of embittered "Republicans" determined to cause disunity and provide material support for Barack Obama's re-election or some unelectable ideologue.

We cannot and should not stand for this. Let's rebuke those who are working to destroy the Party and send them a loud and clear message: Our enemy is Barack Obama and NOT fellow Republicans! We will not fall for these baseless attacks that would derail our efforts to unseat Obama.

I could not be happier with the progress of our Party as we prepare for the 2012 Election. We have been training our grassroots activists in droves so that our ground game can stand up to the liberal unions. We are already standing up campaigns in the competitive districts. We are organizing a world-class caucus and assembly. And we are working with the State Party to ensure that we run the best election effort ever in 2012.

It's time to stand together. Anonymous emails attacking our Party unity and fundraising are helping one person: Barack Obama. Please join us to defeat Obama; do NOT support those attacking your Republican Party.

Let me clarify our policies for Party correspondence. Emails have been sent using the stolen database that caused great confusion to our Central Committee members. The only persons authorized to send email on behalf of the Party are myself and our Chief Operating Officer, Bill Roy. Should you receive correspondence from anyone other than us or without a statement that we have authorized the correspondence, please disregard and/or respond back that you wish your email address to be removed from the stolen database.

Now we're throwing a Grand Old Party next Saturday at which we'll celebrate a Reagan Renaissance, build on the growing unity in our Party, and hear an outstanding speech from a gracious guest. Let's take a stand by taking a seat at the Reagan Gala. It Matters.


Eli Bremer

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