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Grover Norquist: Architect of the recession
I'm generally not the type to beg.

All the same, I am begging you to read "How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich," in the Rolling Stone. Economic articles aren't usually tear-jerkers, but I got to say I felt my eyes well up a couple times reading this one, out of pure anger and frustration, and also because I, like most of you, know just how difficult this recession has been on working families.

Like most American kids, my mother always told me that I could be or do anything, so long as I was willing to work hard. We were dirt poor, but I watched my mother work long hours to try to make our lives better. And gradually, our lives did improve. I also worked hard, and ended up going to college with scholarships.

That's the American dream, right? But where is the American dream now? How are poor families supposed to put food on the table when they can't get a job? How are struggling parents supposed to tell their kids that life can get better with hard work, when that's so obviously no longer the case?

Of course, life is getting better for some Americans. The richest 1 percent keep getting richer. But not necessarily because they work hard. Because they've been able to buy off our political system, so that it feeds their pocketbooks even as the poor get poorer and our national deficit climbs.

Are we really ready to let the greed of the wealthiest people on the planet bankrupt our wonderful country and steal our American dreams? I sure hope not.

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