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David Williams in the hot seat

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Thought that the storm in the El Paso County Republican Party had passed? Nope.

Next Tuesday, at 6 pm, the county party's executive committee will be meeting. On the agenda, along with run-of-the-mill business such as the Pledge of Allegiance and updates from the party chairman and secretary, is an executive session. And as we know, an executive session of this bunch can become quite the notorious affair.

So what ever will they be discussing behind closed doors? If party vice-chairman David Williams' hunch is correct, what they'll be discussing is him.

Back in November, the party held an executive session to discuss, "some of their frustrations, and how to move forward with me being vice-chairman. As a result, they formed a sub-committee to meet with me, and discuss various things with me. Their official purpose was to ascertain what my intentions were to fulfill my role as vice-chairman."

"I haven't heard anything back from them, but as far as this upcoming executive session goes, that's probably going to be what it's about," he says.

Apparently, he says, there are members of the executive committee who are still miffed over his forwarding to central committee members former party secretary Sarah Anderson's resignation letter, and the accompanying longer letter in which she described party officials and elected Republicans in a way, way less than positive light.

"They were upset because they didn't really appreciate her eight-page letter, which I didn't even read until afterward," he says. "But they didn't like it. What I told them was, 'Look, you guys silenced Sarah for a long time. She asked me to do it, and I did it as a professional courtesy.' If people think that she is crazy, then they are going to read into it. If they don't think that she is crazy, then, well, but my point is let them decide."

"I want to cooperate with these people, but there doesn't seem like a willingness on their end," he says.

He says that he has requested copies of the party organization's financials, and has been denied a number of times. He says that the chairman has offered to allow him or any other registered Republican the chance to view the financial documents at headquarters.

"I want to make sure everything is on the up-and-up, and I have no reason to think that everything is OK because I have been denied information," he says.

He says that he suspects that the chairman, Eli Bremer, won't release information to him is because they are concerned that he will leak that info to the press. (We have reached out to Bremer and will update with any response.)

"Sarah released e-mails, and I think that they lump us together," he says. "But what I really think is the double-standard is that Eli did too."

He points out that of all the party officials during the great dust-up of 2011, he was the least likely to talk to the press, or to leak information on the party battles.

What would he have to leak to the public if there is nothing wrong with the party's financials he asks. Yet, he caveats, the party leadership can't expect him to remain quiet if he finds evidence of corruption.

"I don't know what's going to happen at this meeting," he says. "But I am not doing this anymore. Everything is going to be made public if I am involved."

Here is the official meeting notice:

This is an official call of the next Executive Committee meeting to be held on January 3, 2012 at 6:00 PM at EPCR Headquarters. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss several important events we have coming up, including Caucus and Assembly, as well as to publish an organizational calendar for the next year. You will find the proposed agenda for the meeting attached. Please review the proposed agenda and let me know by this Saturday, 24 December, if you have any changes or additions. (This deadline is IAW Article VII, Section 7.01, C1 of our bylaws.)

Given the numerous discussion points planned for this meeting, we anticipate that we will need to have a second Executive Committee meeting in January. That meeting is tentatively scheduled for the 17th at 6:00 PM, and its main purpose will be to discuss proposed changes to the bylaws. Please “save the date” for that meeting and look forward to an official call the week after Christmas.

In addition, I would ask that you forward any suggestions for changes to the bylaws to me at this e-mail address (secretary@gopelpaso.com). I will then consolidate all of your recommendations and deliver them to the Bylaws Committee.

Thank you for your hard work and continued support!

Jenny Daines

Secretary, El Paso County Republicans

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