Thursday, February 2, 2012

If Colorado conservatives don't like ObamaCare...

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This is probably not a thank you that the Mitt Romney campaign wants.

Families USA, a Washington D.C.-based advocacy organization that supported the passage of President Obama's health care reform, has taken the time and energy ostensibly to thank Romney for passing legislation similar to Obama's while governor of Massachusetts.

The lawmakers who crafted ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act, looked to RomneyCare, also known as the Massachusetts Health Reform Law, to guide their work.


Governor Romney isn’t too proud of this fact, and the other Republican presidential candidates have been quick to point out the similarities. We believe that Governor Romney shouldn’t be ashamed of passing health reform in Massachusetts or that Congress borrowed so much of his handiwork in creating the Affordable Care Act.

Massachusetts has the lowest rate of uninsurance in the country, individuals purchasing insurance in the non-group market have enjoyed significant premium savings, and a Health Disparities Council has been created to advance equity in health outcomes—to name just a few of the gains that have come out of RomneyCare.

I say ostensibly thank, because if nothing else this is just a brilliant piece of campaign material — for Obama. Families USA has to realize that comparing Romney's health care reform to Obama's does nothing to help presidential hopeful's conservative credibility.

This coming Tuesday, Colorado Republicans will be going to their caucuses to, among other things, participate in a straw poll on the presidential candidates. It will be interesting to see how Romney — who is quickly looking like the Republican favorite nationally — fares in our anti-ObamaCare county.

The study, which provides side-by-side similarities between the two pieces of legislation can be read here.




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